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K-State Association of Residence Halls

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Association of Residence Halls

The Association of Residence Halls, or ARH, is an organization that promotes social, educational and cultural programming for and by the residents. ARH also promotes interaction among the residence halls, develops citizenship through self government, and stimulates interest in campus activities and residence hall affairs. Most importantly, ARH strives to leave a lasting legacy of excellence for future residents and students.

Our Mission

ARH is an organization that strives to enhance the student experience within the residence halls, academically and culturally, through thoughtful leadership and positive interaction.

  • To create an overarching leadership for the residence halls.
  • To provide a campus community that encourages involvement and positivity.
  • To create an environment for residents that promotes academic and leadership opportunities
  • To encourage students to take advantage of opportunities, to become leaders within the residence halls or on campus, to become diverse learners, to build up their communities and interact with other students and leaders. 

How Can I Get Involved?

Want to get involved or become an executive board member? ARH encourages you to talk to your residence life coordinator/assistant residence life coordinator, resident assistant, Hall Governing Board member or a current ARH executive board member for more information.

Conferences, Events and Programs 

ARH is an active member of the following conferences:

Some of the events and programs ARH sponsors and/or participates in are:

  • Late Night Breakfast
  • Fall Semester Care Package Distribution
  • Grocery Bingo
  • What’s Your Secret
  • Wildcat Leadership Conference


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Residence Hall Linens and Dorm Bedding Program
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