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Meet the Officers


Carly Rasmussen, senior in biochemistry

Topeka, Kansas

"I realized early on how important having a comfortable, supportive place to call home while away at college was on my well being, and joined ARH to see that through!

My role as president is to preside over the meetings, lead exec board and organize exec meetings, help with committees and anything else I get my hands on."

Vice President

Levi Brummer, junior in chemical engineering

Wichita, Kansas

Office hours: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Tuesdays

"I joined ARH because I wanted to make changes to the organization to which I believe the people wanted. Whereas to make the organization; more open to the residents, more reliant on the opinions of the residents, and more apparent to what the organization is doing.

As Vice President, it is my duty and privilege to be an intermediary to the halls and NRHH, publicize the going ons of ARH, produce a flourishing Late Night Breakfast, and govern the Hall of the Year bid process."


Brenan Riffel, junior in education

Shawnee, Kansas

Office hours: 5:45-7:45 p.m. Wednesdays

"I joined ARH because I wanted to get more involved in effecting the residence halls across campus. I transferred to KSU from Johnson County Community College last spring semester and there was a position open on Moore Hall council so I ran for the position of secretary. Everyone on that council was amazing to work with, and it was a pleasant surprise to win community of the year. Jacob Matney and I were on hall council together so I decided to expand my horizons too and here I am! I truly believe getting students involved on campus can positively affect their experience at Kansas State University both socially and academically! ARH is a great place to start programs to do just that!

As Secretary my job is to ensure that our general body has access and receives weekly minutes. I keep track of attendance, update the board outside our office in the Leadership Room in Derby, update the website and serve on any committees that need my support. I also am responsible for correspondence as directed by the president."


Tyler W. Tripp, junior in regional and community planning

Overland Park, Kansas

Office hours: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fridays

"I joined ARH to be more involved in the decisions that affect students here at K-State, specifically in their lives outside of class. It is important to me that residents are placed in an environment that is conducive to their mental health, and to their ability to learn and be productive. In my major, considering how our actions may positively or negatively affect a community is a major aspect of the decision-making process, and I plan to bring that line of thought to ARH.

The Treasurer creates a preliminary budget to be approved by ARH general body, perform all financial transactions and keep record and present a regular monthly financial report to the Executive Board and General Body."

Programming Communications Coordinator

Kyra Manner, sophomore elementary education

Leavenworth, Kansas

Office hours: 3-5 p.m. Mondays

"I joined ARH because of the amazing leadership opportunity it provides and I thought that the position of Programing Communications Coordinator sounded like an excellent fit for me. I found out that the PCC position was open in one of my hall council meetings. At first I didn't know if I really wanted to take on so much work as a freshman but my Assistant Community Coordinator really encouraged and pushed me to try. This will be my second year in the PCC position and I can't thank that ACC enough because I really do love ARH and programing!

The Programing Communications Coordinator position plans programs for all the on campus residents of K-State. PCC represents ARH at NACURH and MACURH."

National Communications Coordinator

Jacob Matney, junior in kinesiology

Salina, Kansas

Office hours: 12-1 p.m. Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30 p.m. Wednesdays

"I joined ARH because I wanted to get involved on campus. I started as vice-president of my floor, then became president. From there I joined ARH as a representative and instantly knew I wanted to be apart of the executive team because of their love for their community. I ran for the National Communicatons Coordinator position later that year and won! I love my position because I get to help grow the future leaders of Kansas State University!

My job for ARH entails being parliamentarian, guiding policy and constitutional reviews, coordinating conferences along with choosing our delegation for these conferences, representing K-state at the national level to other universities, and overseeing the training of  all ARH representatives."


Dani Badgett, area coordinator for student development, campus advisor

dkbadgett@k-state.edu, 785-532-2233