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Housing and Dining Services

Meeting and Event Space Rates

Rates are charged per three-hour time blocks.

Jardine Apartments Locations (View PDF)

Facility Name
Room Type
Room Features
Resident Fee
University Fee
Non-University Fee
Tower Floor 153Entry foyer areaParquet floor, open, airy meeting space


$50 $75
Tower Floor 243Meeting space, partially open to floor belowFlat screen TV, beverage station, 5 small tables with seating for 4$30$100 $125
Tower Floor 368Meeting space, self-confinedFlat screen TV, beverage station, meeting table with seating for 16, 4 small tables with seating for 4$50$150$175 
Tower Floor 427Meeting space, open to above, restrooms, access to butler area4 small tables with seating for 4 or 6$50$250$275 
Tower Floor 523Small meeting space open to floor belowSweeping views, 2 round tables with seating for 4Space rented with Floor 4 Space rented with Floor 4Space rented with Floor 4 
East PARC43ClassroomClassroom-style tables and chairs$20$80 $130
Frith Community Center130Open meeting spaceTables and chairs, large TV, piano, access to kitchen, casual seating, projector$45$100Available only to university entities 
The Overlook30Outdoor event spacePicnic tables for outside seating, overlooks the Denison pond area$25$50 $100