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Housing and Dining Services

Department of Housing and Dining Services
Kansas State University
104 Pittman Building
1531 Mid Campus Dr. North
Manhattan, KS 66506


888-568-5027 toll free

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Meeting and Event Space Rates

Rates are charged per four-hour time blocks.

Important: Updated reservation time blocks and rates go into effect starting in the fall 2018 semester. All reservations after Aug. 20, 2018, will go under a new reservation time block of three hours instead of four, and new rates depending on location (coming soon) will apply.

Jardine Apartments Locations (View PDF)

Facility Name
Room Type
Room Features
Resident Fee
University Fee
Non-University Fee
Tower Floor 153Entry foyer areaParquet floor, open, airy meeting space


$50 $75
Tower Floor 243Meeting space, partially open to floor belowFlat screen TV, beverage station, 5 small tables with seating for 4$30$100 $125
Tower Floor 368Meeting space, self-confinedFlat screen TV, beverage station, meeting table with seating for 16, 4 small tables with seating for 4$50$150$175 
Tower Floor 427Meeting space, open to above, restrooms, access to butler area4 small tables with seating for 4 or 6$50$250$275 
Tower Floor 523Small meeting space open to floor belowSweeping views, 2 round tables with seating for 4Space rented with Floor 4 Space rented with Floor 4Space rented with Floor 4 
East PARC43ClassroomClassroom-style tables and chairs$20$80 $130
Frith Community Center130Open meeting spaceTables and chairs, large TV, piano, access to kitchen, casual seating, projector$45$100Available only to university entities 
The Overlook30Outdoor event spacePicnic tables for outside seating, overlooks the Denison pond area$25$50 $100


Kramer Dining Center Locations (View PDF)

Facility Name
Room Type
Room Features
Resident Rate
University Rate
Non-University Rate
Pillsbury Conference 
Room (166)            
19Small conference meeting spaceFlat screen TV and HDMI cords$30$75$100
Tuttle Creek Classroom 
30Small meeting/classroom spaceAudio and visual system, computer and screen protector$40$75$100
Rocky Ford Classroom 
A & B (169)                    
50Medium meeting/classroom spaceAudio and visual system, computer (2) and screen projector (2)$50$125$150
Rocky Ford Classroom 
A or B (169)           
25 Medium meeting/classroom space (divided by wall partition)Audio and visual system, computer and screen projector$30$80$110
Tallgrass Ballroom 
126Large meeting spaceAudio and visual system, double screen computer and screen projector (2)$100$175$260
Sunset Conference Room 
24Medium conference spaceWhite board$20$90$165
Meadowlark Classroom 
A & B                      
119Large meeting space (can divide in half)Beverage station$90$150$250
Meadowlark Classroom 
A or B                              
60Medium meeting space (divided by wall partition)Beverage station$60$100