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Housing and Dining Services

Apply For Residence Hall Space

How to Apply

If you've browsed through the many residence hall living options available to K-State students and wish to apply, you're in the correct place. The application process is easy — just follow the directions below. To learn more, please review the information contained in the above link or contact us.

New to the Residence Halls?

Welcome to the residence hall community! You're making a smart choice with your decision to live on campus. Clean, comfortable rooms, award-winning dining facilities, academic assistance and more are available to you as residents. 

New Resident Application Process
    1. Complete the application for a housing contract and submit the
      non-refundable application fee. Check back here in 24 business hours to complete the contract (see below). 
    2. Complete the contract (academic year 2015-2016) and submit the minimum $400 payment. Contracts will not be processed or be considered complete until the initial payment is made. A verified
      K-State eID and password is required to complete this process.     
    3. An assignment letter will be mailed in July for academic year contracts, and in January for spring-only contracts. 

Returning to the Residence Halls?

Current residents who wish to return to their space or another on-campus living space for another academic year may reserve that space via the RSVP process that takes place in February. Watch for information regarding this process later in the fall semester.