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Housing and Dining Services

Occupancy Limit

In order to meet increasing demand from incoming freshmen, housing and dining services limits the number of upperclassmen who may live in the residence halls.

If you have have been eligible to live on K-State’s campus for six or more semesters, your on-campus housing options will consist of either Jardine Apartments or the Living Community (LC) at Jardine. 

  • At Jardine Apartments, you’ll find traditional apartment-style living.
  • The LC closely mimics the residence hall environment and operates under the same terms and conditions of the residence hall contract.
  • Both options offer programming, staffing, resources and proximity to classes. 

How They Differ:

Residence Hall/
LC at Jardine Contract             
Jardine Apartments Agreement
  • Term is 2 semesters (academic year)
  • Meal plan is included
  • Cost of electricity is included 
  • Bedrooms are furnished  
  • Generally two residents per room                                          
  • Term is 11 months first year, 12 months second year +
  • Meal Plan is optional
  • Residents pay for their own electricity
  • Apartments are not furnished
  • Generally one to two residents per bedroom (residents may choose)

Learn more about all three on-campus housing options.

For those students who will be affected by this change, we’re pleased that we’re able to offer an alternative of equal value to the residence halls. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Housing and Dining Services at
785-532-6453, or housing@k-state.edu