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Housing and Dining Services

End-of-Semester Information and Departure Process

If you live in one of our residence halls, the end of the semester requires several actions on your part. Please read the instructions on this page carefully, as well as the EOS frequently asked questions.

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Required Steps At a Glance

  • Complete the Remote Instruction Period Decision Form prior to Sunday, Nov. 15.
  • Prepare your room for the break period.
  • Report to your front desk to complete the verbal room inspection.
  • Return all room keys to residence hall staff prior to departure if not returning after fall break.

Full End-of-Semester Departure Process

  1. Attend a virtual EOS community meeting during the week of Nov. 1 (see your RA for details on times and link info).
  2. Log in to the Resident Portal and answer the questions in the Remote Instruction Period Decision Form. This information can be changed until noon Wednesday, Nov. 18. ALL students will complete this step.
  3. Complete the hall departure checklist:
    1. Empty and remove all trash and recycling.
    2. Sweep/vacuum floor.
    3. Set thermostat to on.
    4. Close all windows and blinds.
    5. Move all furniture and personal items 3 feet away from the heat/air conditioning unit.
    6. Unplug all personal electrical items (clocks, computers, etc.).
      • Leave Synexis machine plugged in.
      • Empty your fridge, freezer and microwave. Be sure to sanitize with a cleaning product. You may leave your fridge plugged in during the break.
      • Remove all food-related and perishable items from your room.
    7. Take home all pets (including fish).
  4. A change has been made to the inspection process: Instead of meeting an RA at your room to complete the inspection, we ask you to instead report to your front desk to complete a verbal inspection.
  5. If you're NOT staying in your residence hall during the Remote Instruction Period, turn in your keys at your hall front desk immediately after your room inspection.

All steps must be completed correctly in order for a student who is not staying during the Remote Instruction Period to be eligible for the prorated credit. 

If a resident returns to the residence halls at any time between 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 29, and noon Saturday, Dec. 12, they will no longer be eligible for a credit.

Are you FIT to leave?

Form: Have you completed the Remote Instruction Period Decision Form?
Inspection: Have you completed the required verbal room inspection with your front desk staff?
Turn in Keys: If you are not returning after fall break, have you turned in your keys to be eligible for a credit?


 Break Housing Availability and Cost

  • The residence halls will close during fall break and after the fall semester ends.
  • Residents can choose to stay in the residence halls during these break periods for an additional cost.
  • Only residents signed up for the specific break will be allowed to stay.
Fall Break: Noon Sunday, Nov. 22, to 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 29  
  • No meals provided in the dining centers
  • Resident lives in currently assigned residence hall room
  • Additional cost: $175
Winter Break 1: Noon Saturday, Dec. 12, to 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 10
  • No meals provided in the dining centers
  • Resident may be moved to a centralized location for the break period
  • Additional cost: $300
Winter Break 2: Midnight Monday, Jan. 11, to noon Friday, Jan. 22
  • Some meals provided by Housing and Dining Services in retail locations and/or dining centers
  • Resident stays in currently assigned residence hall room
  • Additional cost: $500


Additional Reminders

  • If there is an open space in your room for which you're not paying, that area needs to be cleared and ready for a new roommate who could be assigned to the room for the spring semester.
  • When you leave campus, please take everything you will need for the time you're away. Access to your room may be limited, depending on staff availability, especially during winter break.