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Housing and Dining Services

Refund Inquiries Related to COVID-19

Credits for Canceled Residence Hall Contracts 

K-State Housing and Dining Services is providing financial relief to residents by issuing a prorated credit for room and board. Below you will find information about how the university will process the credits to students’ KSIS account and distribute the balance of those funds.

Note: Refunds will be referred to as "credits" in the information that follows, as all refunds will be applied to any outstanding balances in the student's KSIS account before distribution to the student.

To ensure refunds are processed efficiently, please update your permanent address in KSIS.

FAQs Regarding Residence Hall Credits

Students will receive a credit for the unused portion of contract payments already remitted to Housing and Dining Services.

Q: Who will receive a credit?
  • All students who arrived at their residence hall and completed the checkout process before March 30.
  • All students who have communicated with Housing and Dining Services to determine an approved alternative checkout date or process due to illness or inability to return to Manhattan during the official move-out process will receive credit once the alternative move-out process is completed.
  • Students who are part of a program that pays their housing and dining costs directly through a housing scholarship or award, will have any housing and dining credit or refund to the payee and not the resident.
  • Housing and Dining Services student staff members who receive room and board as part of the employment are not be eligible for a housing and dining credit.
Q: What is the amount of my credit?

Your credit will depend on your room type and the amount you've prepaid.

Q: How will I receive my credit?

Credits will be posted to the student's KSIS account, and will first be applied to any outstanding balances.

Q: When will I receive my credit?

Credits will begin to be posted the week of April 6. Due to reduced staffing across the university, there may be a delay in the credit post to KSIS. We expect all credits to post no later than April 30, 2020.

Q: I haven't received a credit. Why?

Please check your KSIS account to determine if you have received the credit. Remember that the credit will first be applied to any outstanding balances. If you have questions regarding how the credit was applied to your KSIS account, please contact the university Cashier’s Office at 785-532-6317 or cashiers@k-state.edu. If you believe you have not received the proper credit by April 30, 2020, please contact Housing and Dining Services at 785-532-6453 or housing@k-state.edu.

For Jardine Apartments Residents

Jardine residents are not required to move out and may continue to reside in their apartments until the end of their agreement (or longer if they have renewed their agreement for 2020-2021). Support and services are still available to Jardine residents who wish to remain in their apartments through the end of their agreement.

If you made the decision to cancel your Jardine Apartments Agreement, here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the cancellation and credit process.

FAQs Regarding Jardine Agreement Cancellations

Q: Who will receive a credit?
  • Students who pre-paid the spring semester’s rent in its entirety will see a credit issued to their KSIS account as per the terms below. Credit issued will be applied to any outstanding balance in KSIS before a refund is issued.
  • Residents must submit an intent to vacate between March 15 and April 30, and move out by April 30. View the Jardine checkout process.
Q: What is the amount of the credit?

Eligible residents will be offered a modified early termination option.

  • In lieu of the early termination liquidated damages of $400 deposit and an amount equivalent to 60 days of rent, residents will be responsible only for liquidated damages in an amount equal to 30 days of rent.
  • The resident will retain the $400 deposit (less damages to the apartment).
  • The 30 days of rent will be measured beginning with the last date of occupancy, and rent will be charged in half-month increments.

Note: If you have an active agreement for the fall 2020 semester, Housing and Dining Services will retain your $400 deposit and apply it to this future agreement.

Q: I canceled my agreement. Why was I just charged for my monthly payment?

Your patience with account credits is appreciated as we make adjustments to our process with limited staff. It's possible that some charges for future rent will be posted before we make adjustments to the account.

Q: I already completed an agreement for next year. What now?

We are currently operating under the assumption that students will return to campus for the fall 2020 semester. 

If you have an active agreement for the fall 2020 semester, Housing and Dining Services will retain your $400 deposit and apply it to this future agreement.


Jardine Apartments and Off-Campus Meal Plan Refunds

Remaining meals in Off-Campus or Jardine meal plans can be credited forward to the fall semester for use during that time period. Any credit or refund option has yet to be determined.


Questions Regarding Housing and Dining Services?

Please contact 785-532-6453 or housing@k-state.edu with additional questions.

K-State COVID-19 Summary of Updates

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