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Dining Services COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Fall 2020 Dining Operations Summary

Keeping students and employees safe from COVID-19 is our highest priority, so we've developed policies and procedures that follow the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the state of Kansas and university health professionals. This operating plan may change over time as more is discovered about COVID-19 transmission.

View the Campus Dining Guide.

Derby Dining Center Update
Due to construction supply chain issues and other concerns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Derby Dining Center will not open at the beginning of the fall 2020 semester as previously planned. As a result: 
  • Van Zile Dining Center, directly across the parking lot from Derby (map), will now be open for the fall semester along with Kramer. Students will access Van Zile through the door to the north of the main entrance, separate from the lobby and residential areas. Signage and staff will help guide students through the dining center.
  • Food trucks will be available at Van Zile and Kramer dining centers to serve a limited number of meals as well (see hours). To access the food truck court at Van Zile, students will enter Van Zile Dining Center through the south entrance, swipe their card and then proceed through to the food truck court. Kramer will host a food truck on Friday evenings.
Additional Locations

Kramer Dining center will have two additional service locations for quick pick up meals during lunch: Kramer Meadowlark Room 262 and Wefald Cornerstone for sub sandwiches. See our hours page for details regarding when each will be serving. 

Students will also be able to use their meal plan at Fast Track in the K-State Student Union Monday through Friday (see hours).

Dining On Campus Will Look A Bit Different

We look forward to the day when you can sit down to a meal with your friends and the rest of our campus community, but for the time being food will be served in disposable takeout containers, to be eaten in your living space or another location of your choice. Some scheduled dine-in options utilizing social distancing practices may be arranged for student groups through their Community Coordinator.

If you have a question at any time during your visit to Kramer or Van Zile dining center, feel free to approach a manager (identifiable by a name tag and radio), the employee at the entrance check stand, or call the center's front desk

We Also Pledge the Following
Healthy Team Members
  • Employee wellness self-check screenings prior to entering the workplace. Employees will not be allowed to work if displaying COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Strict handwashing protocols.
Protective Equipment
  • Masks on everyone entering and working in the dining center.
  • Plexiglass shields where appropriate.
  • Gloved hands when serving food. 
Clean Dining Centers
  • Increased sanitation frequency of high-touch surfaces.
  • Contactless dining access card entry (students will swipe their own card). 
  • Hand sanitizer located in multiple locations, including points of entry and exit and near high-touch areas.
  • No self-service food areas. Meals will be pre-packaged and served for no-contact service. 
  • Attendant-monitored beverage stations, with hand sanitizers and frequent disinfection.
Social Distancing
  • Reconfigured dining center entry points and layouts to prevent bottlenecks and crowding.
  • Additional service areas to maximize the amount of space provided to those obtaining their meal.  
What won't change: We've managed to develop a plan that will allow us to continue serving made-from-scratch cooking out of our own kitchens, something we're very proud of in an increasingly pre-packaged foodservice industry!

Dining Center Access

Access will be limited to individuals with meal plans. Students will swipe their K-State ID at the entrance to use up to three meals Monday-Saturday and two meals on Sunday. Meal plan balances will be reset after the dinner meal on Fridays. All dining locations are closed for Sunday dinner.

No cash/credit card guests will be permitted into the dining center. To use a guest meal provided by your meal plan, your guest must accompany you to the dining center and complete their own meal selection process. 

Students following special diets or needing accommodations should contact the Student Access Center. After contact is made with the Student Access Center, you will meet with a registered dietitian in your dining center to set up a meeting. Diets that require medically necessary accommodations will be pre-ordered using a smartphone app and will be available to pick up in the dining center. Access to the app will be granted by the registered dietitian.

Group reservations will be available for residence hall floors to dine together following social distancing guidelines. Reservations will be made by the Community Coordinator for each residence hall. 

Meal Plans

In order to decrease the number of people in the dining centers at a given time, meal plans have been changed to 14 swipes or 20 swipes per week. Students who previously signed up for the 14 or 12+ meal plans will be on the 14-meal plan at the $2,140 per semester rate. Students who previously signed up for the All-Access Meal plan will be placed on the 20-meal plan and their rate will be lowered to $2,300 per semester. 

Students can change their meal plan until Sept. 15, by emailing housing@k-state.edu from their K-State email account and indicating which meal plan they want. Student accounts will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the cost difference. 

Process for Obtaining a Meal 

The meal will consist of one clamshell container holding 1-2 entrees, 2-3 sides or desserts and one beverage. The clamshell must be closable, but it’s ok if desserts or salads are neatly stacked in provided disposable containers on top of it.  

  • Properly wear your mask and remain 6 feet away from others.
  • Swipe your ID card, then sanitize your hands with the provided sanitizer.
  • Obtain your pre-wrapped utensils from the attendant. 
  • Proceed to the beverage station for a cup and select your drink.  
  • Choose one menu concept line and select one or two entrees and multiple sides to fill one disposable takeout container.
  • Select additional sides or desserts you’d like from the salad bar and dessert area.
  • Exit the dining center to enjoy your meal in your room or another area.
Obtaining More Than One Meal Per Visit

If work or class schedules prompt the need for a second meal to save for later, please follow these steps. Note: The number of meals available per day remains at three Monday-Saturday and two on Sundays. 

  • Tell the checkstand attendant upon entering the dining center.
  • The attendant will have you swipe your card a second time and will give you a token with which to redeem a second container to fill.


Visit our hours of operation page for a complete list of meal service schedules and locations.