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Housing and Dining Services

Department of Housing and Dining Services
Kansas State University
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide catering?

Yes, our in-house caterers are JP’s Sports Grill and Kansas State University Kramer Dining. Depending on the number of guests and type of event, either caterer can provide beverage, snack, buffet, and/or plated meal options. If you plan to provide alcohol at your event, JP’s Sports Grill is the only licensed caterer approved for our event space bar service. Bar service must receive approval from Kansas State University President Richard Myers, therefore early reservation and planning is required.

Can I bring my own food/caterer?

We encourage all events that include food and beverage to consult with our preferred caterers, JP’s Sports Grill or Kansas State University Kramer Dining. Occasionally, events have special circumstances of which our preferred caterer’s options do not meet the needs. Food exceptions must be approved by our preferred caterers using a Food Waiver Form. Special circumstances include events offering culturally specific foods/beverages or events offering the patron’s own food, i.e., homemade options.

Are technology and Wi-Fi available?

A majority of our event spaces have built-in audio-visual technology. Portable audio-visual technology is available. All event spaces have access to campus Wi-Fi. Additional details are provided in the description of each event space. All technology is included in the cost of the rental. 

How do I reserve a Jardine or Kramer event space?

Reservations can be made via our request form. Once you have identified a location, time and date using the online portal, you will receive a reservation hold and a request to make a payment appointment. During a payment appointment, we’ll discuss your event needs, our Rules and Regulations, and collect a payment of exact cash, check or interdepartmental/foundation funds. At the completion of the payment appointment, your reservation will be confirmed.  

When can I get into the room I rented?

Your access time to the event space(s) is included in your reservation time block, so be sure to consider this when reviewing this document during the booking process. Always be sure to include enough time for delivery, setup, decoration, and removal of items after the event when setting the parameters for your event. Rental rates are based on the number of hours of access given to event spaces. Early and checkout fees will be charged for access before or after reservation blocks.

Who is responsible for cleaning the event space after the event?

It’s the customer’s responsibility to remove all of their materials at the end of the event and ensuring that all trash remaining is removed from the building and placed in the dumpster provided. You are responsible for vacuuming and cleaning tables. If using the Frith Community Center, the kitchen should be left in the condition in which it was found, with all party items and leftover food removed. Further instructions are provided during the payment appointment. 

Can we decorate the space?

Decorations are permitted. Only painter’s tape can be used to stick on the walls. No decorations are allowed on the projector screen. We also ask that you refrain from using glitter, rice, confetti or bubbles, and from nailing or tacking objects or banners to the room.

Are tablecloths included in the room rate?

Black tablecloths can be rented separately at $5 per table cloth and $3 per table skirt. 

How many people will the space hold?

Each of our rooms is a different size with a different capacity. Additionally, your room setup will determine the number of guests who will be comfortable in the room. Chair occupancy details are provided in the description of each event space.

Can we reconfigure the room?

Each room has a standard — or default — arrangement. You are free to change the layout of the room, but the room must return to its original format at the end of the event. Please take into consideration how many tables and chairs you may need so our staff can best assist your event needs. 

Are rental space prices included when purchasing large quantities of Kramer Dining Center food?

No, Kramer Dining Services and Meeting and Event Accommodations have separate event spaces. Kramer Dining Center has some complimentary rooms that can be used for a maximum of 25 people. For larger groups, please contact the Meetings and Events office at 785-532-2267 or hdsevents@k-state.edu.

We're a student organization. Can we get a discount?

Event space prices are divided into three categories: resident, university affiliate, and non-university affiliate/public. Residents who live in Jardine are able to receive the Jardine resident rate, and Kramer residents (Goodnow, Marlatt, and Wefald) are able to receive the Kramer resident rate. The resident rate only applies when a Jardine/Kramer resident is part of the planning committee and signs off on the contract. Other students/student organizations fall under the University Affiliate category. All rates can be found on our rate sheet

What are the payment options?

We currently take exact cash, check or interdepartmental/foundation funds at the time of a payment appointment. Payment by credit or debit card is not currently available.  

We’re a university affiliate. How can we set up an interdepartmental/foundation funds transfer?

During the payment appointment, we ask for the department head/accountant name and contact information, along with contact information for any individuals directly responsible for payment. After your event has concluded, an invoice will be emailed to the person(s) noted as responsible for payment.