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Housing and Dining Services

Department of Housing and Dining Services
Kansas State University
104 Pittman Building
1531 Mid Campus Dr. North
Manhattan, KS 66506


888-568-5027 toll free

785-532-6855 fax

Meeting and Event Accommodations Policies

Please read each of these policies closely and abide by the terms found within them.

Cancellation Policy (PDF)

All cancellations must be submitted in writing to the Meetings and Events staff for the option of a refund of any paid funds. These cancellations can be submitted in person to the Meetings and Events Office, or by sending an email to hdsevents@k-state.edu. The events staff reserves the right to refuse a refund based on the nature of the cancellation (no-shows, family emergency, bad weather, etc.) and the date of the event being canceled.

Refund Received
Less than one week prior to eventNo refund
One week prior to event50% of initial space reservation fee
Two weeks prior to event75% of initial space reservation fee
More than two weeks prior to eventFull refund

Damage Policy (PDF)

Rate Policy (PDF)

Usage Policy (PDF)

Food Waiver (PDF)