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Housing and Dining Services

Resident Resources

The following links should answer many of the questions you may have about Jardine Apartments. You'll also find links to a variety of forms relevant to living in our apartments. 

We urge you to review the sample copy of our Jardine Apartments Agreement (PDF) for specific contractual obligations.

Jardine Apartments Handbook

The handbook contains answers to virtually any question you may have about living at Jardine. Check here first. 


Jardine Handbook

Additional Helpful Links and Forms
Evergy Energy 

Electricity must be established for the apartment through Evergy Energy in one resident's name. It's up to you to determine payment among roommates.

If the account-holding roommate moves out, the remaining roommates are responsible for transferring the account to another name. Removing and adding an account holder must be done simultaneously to avoid the account being reverted back to Housing and Dining Services. When an account is reverted back to Housing and Dining Services while the apartment is still occupied, all residents of the apartment will be charged a $25 nonrefundable processing fee by the department.

Please see the Jardine Sample Agreement, Policy Handbook, or visit the Jardine Apartments office for complete details.

Students with Disabilities 

Accommodations for students with disabilities are available. Contact the Student Access Center for additional information. Accommodations cannot be made without proper documentation submitted to the Student Access Center. Current students should contact their apartment staff regarding specific needs.