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Housing and Dining Services

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Department of Housing and Dining Services
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Committee Involvement

Each member of NRHH is required to serve on at least one committee. Most committees meet during a designated time of our general body meetings, but may meet additionally as necessary. 

Recognition Committee 

The recognition committee is responsible for the campus-wide monthly recognition program. Committee members promote the Of The Month program and select one submission from each category to be submitted to the regional (and possibly national) level. Programs, individuals and groups can all be recognized; the only requirement is that whomever or whatever is being recognized had a positive impact on at least one person in the residence life community. Anyone can write an OTM and can locate more information on the NRHH website. Submissions are due on the fifth of each month. 

Awards, Induction and Reception Committee 

The Awards, Induction and Reception (AIR) Committee is primarily responsible for the leadership banquet that is held for all on campus student leaders in April of each year. More than 200 people attend each year from all the halls that make on campus living great. This banquet recognizes students for their outstanding achievements throughout the year. In addition, the Of The Year (OTY) awards are announced and the Hall of the Year is unveiled during the banquet. All events are held at the Alumni Center and the AIR committee is in charge of the entire event, including food, decorations, and all the awards given away throughout the night! 

Community Service Committee 

The community service committee works to offer opportunities for NRHH members to actively honor one of the valued aspects of the organization: volunteer work. This committee meets to coordinate service activities and projects for all members to participate in. Programs are planned for K-State and Manhattan area agencies. The work of this committee not only improves the strength and unification of the group, but it also provides the city with a handful of willing public servants for various events throughout the year.