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Housing and Dining Services

Information for Parents and Families

We’re excited that your student has chosen to live in the K-State residence halls! We hope this information will help you make your student's experience a memorable one. Most of your questions can be answered in our Residence Hall Resource Guide, so we suggest you start there. Read on for additional ways to take part in your student's college days.

Residence Halls: What to Bring With You


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Additional Helpful Information


Find different options and rates on our webpage. All residence hall, Living Community, Smurthwaite and Honors House residents much purchase a meal plan. Our Explore Your Options worksheet is a tool that allows you to explore and compare our many different housing options.

CAT Communities Promote Success

Residential CAT communities provide an added opportunity for first-year students to connect with others who share their academic interests by placing them in the same on-campus residence hall. First-year students (approx. 22) take a group of classes together and live, eat, sleep, study and socialize near each other, too! Students in each CAT Community will live in the same hall, along with their Residential Learning Assistant.

Student Employment Opportunities 

Our dining centers and retail operations are currently accepting applications and schedules for the fall semester. Job openings are posted on our Student Employment page continuously, so check back often. 

What is your student eating?

Our dietitians are dedicated to ensuring your student makes healthy choices. Throughout the year, we actively work with students to show them how to use their meal plans to fuel success academically. Our team makes diet- and wellness-themed videos to share with our residents, and our dietitians are always available to chat if there are questions. We want our students to Stay Healthy at College as much as you do!

K-State Parents and Family Association

The K-State Parents and Family Association allows families to be actively engaged with their student's college experience by participating in campus programs and activities that are specifically geared toward families. Through this organization, family members can build or maintain a connection to the university by participating in student recruitment activities throughout Kansas and beyond, as well as raise funds to support scholarships and enhancements to student life at K-State.