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Awards and Recognition

Of The Month Awards (OTMs)

Want to recognize someone on campus who you see making an impact on the people around them? Have you participated in an event or a program that you think should be praised for its value to the housing community? Write an OTM and tell us why you think someone or something is so great! OTMs are graded monthly and are due by the end of the fifth day after the month in which the subject of your OTM occurred. OTMs have the chance to be recognized with campus, regional and national awards. Of course, you'll also make someone feel really good when they realize that their work has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated!

Go to the OTM submission and search page.

Of The Year Awards (OTYs)

Each year, halls are encouraged to write and submit OTY bids in several categories. Learn more.

Academic Stars

Has someone you know done well academically or served as a role model for others? Has someone helped you during the semester with your academics? Maybe a professor directed you to some resources or a tutor challenged you to get a better grade? Whoever it is, or whatever they did, you can recognize their effort by completing an academic star nomination form. Let them know they're an academic star!

Bronze Pins

Bronze pins are given annually to as many as eight students who have shown outstanding leadership on campus. The president of the Little Apple Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary and the president of the Association of Residence Halls each may select four bronze pin recipients.

See the list of past bronze pin recipients.

Honorary Members

The honorary member status is given people each year who are not members of the Little Apple Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary who have shown outstanding service to K-State and its students. We recognize these individuals with our highest honor for making a difference in the K-State community.

See the honorary member list.