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Housing and Dining Services

Curious About Move-In?

Watch your K-State email inbox around Aug. 1 for answers to all your move-in questions. We'll be sending a message containing dates, times, maps and more. We look forward to your arrival!

Important Reminders Regarding Your Housing Contract

We've just wrapped up a great year here and are already in the process of preparing for fall. Please note the following deadlines and important information.

There's still time to reserve spaces!
Rooms and apartments are still available for the 2017-18 academic year. We have spaces in the residence halls, and Jardine Apartments options consist of hybrids and modern 3- and 4-bedroom unitsLearn more about the apartment options. 

Contact our office with any questions regarding your housing selection options.

Check out the Choose Your Experience page for more information about obtaining a living space on campus.
1. The deadline to cancel your contract is June 1.

If you have decided you no longer want to live on campus at K-State, you may cancel your housing contract by completing the online cancellation form using your K-State eID and password. Your cancellation must be submitted online or postmarked by June 1, to receive a full refund of your initial contract payment. Cancellations postmarked after June 1 are subject to a $200 cancellation fee. Cancellations after Aug. 13 are subject to additional fees depending on your move-in date. See your contract for details regarding other cancellation policies and deadlines.

2. Have you selected your room for next year?

If not, log into the Resident Portal and choose from the spaces currently available.

Below your contract information, you will see a "Select Your Room" link that will allow you to view the current available inventory and select the room of your choice. Students who have already selected a room have until July 1 to make all the changes they wish to make by accessing their choices in the Resident Portal; bills are not finalized until after July 1. Rooms selected on July 2 or later are finalized upon selection. 

Failure to select a room does not cancel the residence hall contract. 

If you have selected your room, please log in to the Resident Portal and confirm your assignment information. Make sure all your preferred roommates were assigned to the same room. Any changes to roommate(s) after you selected a space requires you to update your assignment in the room selection program.

3. There are still spaces available in Residential CAT Communities.

Residential CAT Communities are made up of 22 first-year students who take a group of classes together, as well as live, eat, study, and socialize near each other, too! Students in each CAT Community will live in the same hall(s), along with their Residential Learning Assistant. Learn more and/or sign up. Signing up prior to your Orientation and Enrollment date will help make the enrollment process easier and with limited spaces; the sooner you sign up the better!

4. Need to make changes to your contract preferences?

If you would like to make a change to any of your contract preferences — such as roommates, break housing, meal plan or information release — you may edit your contract in the Resident Portal on or before July 1. After July 1, any changes to a previously selected room assignment must be made by staff so billing charges can be changed accordingly.