First-Year Residency

Kansas State University has implemented an on-campus residency requirement for all full-time, first-year undergraduate students to live in university residence halls their first two semesters unless an exemption is granted.

Read the 2024-2025 First Year Residency Policy.

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On-campus residency has been proven to increase student retention and academic success.

  • National research and an analysis of university-specific data both show a statistically significant difference in the first-year retention rate and cumulative first-year grade point average between students who lived on campus versus students who lived off campus.
  • On-campus residency requirements are very common.
  • K-State remains committed to offering safe, affordable on-campus housing to students.

Happy to Help!

If you have any questions regarding the first-year residency that aren't addressed on our website, we're here to help you. Contact the experts by calling the main Department of Housing and Dining Services office at 785-532-6453 or

The University retains discretion to interpret and apply this policy in a manner that is not clearly unreasonable, even if the University’s interpretation or application differs from the interpretation of the parties. Despite the University’s reasonable efforts to anticipate all eventualities in drafting this Policy, it is possible unanticipated or extraordinary circumstances may not be specifically or reasonably addressed by the express policy language, in which case the University retains discretion to respond to the unanticipated or extraordinary circumstance in a way that is not clearly unreasonable.