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Housing and Dining Services

First Year Housing Policy

Beginning fall 2022, incoming Manhattan-campus first year students will be required to live on campus for their first two semesters (fall/spring) at K-State.

K-State is implementing this residency requirement to contribute to student success.

There are exemptions to the policy that students may be eligible for upon submitting an exemption application for review with appropriate documentation. Exemption applications as well as detailed requirements for exemption will be available on the Housing and Dining Services website in December 2021. Exemption categories are as follows:

  • Students who are 21 years old or older before the first day of classes
  • Students who are enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours per semester (part-time status)
  • Students who will commute from home within 40 miles of the Manhattan campus.
  • Students who are married or in a civil union
  • Students who are the custodial parent of a dependent child
  • Students who have at least 24 hours of college credit from an accredited post-secondary education or transfer students for whom the University has accepted at least 24 semester credits. Credits earned while still in high school, including dual credit and AP classes will not be counted towards the total.
  • Students who have lived in University residence halls for two or more semesters (excluding summer)
  • Students with a verifiable financial hardship as determined by the Housing and Dining Servives financial advisory group after exhaustion of all on-campus alteratives
  • Students with disabilities for whom no reasonable accommodation is available that would allow them to use or enjoy on-campus housing.
  • Students residing in a community-living environment provided by an Independent Student Organization that has submitted documentation to the Center for Student Involvement, demonstrating it has registered as a not-for-profit business entity with a state government or otherwise demonstrated it is officially part of another incorporated entity that is registered with a state government (e.g., fraternity or sorority house, Smith Scholarship House, Wesley House, Clovia House)

On-campus residency has been proven to increase student retention and academic success.

  • National research and an analysis of university-specific data both show a statistically significant difference in the first-year retention rate and cumulative first-year grade point average between students who lived on campus versus students who lived off campus.
    • Fall 2018 K-State freshmen who lived on campus were retained at 87.6%, compared to 79.9% retention for freshmen who did not live on campus.
    • Fall 2019 K-State freshmen showed a 5% gap in retention between those living off campus and those on campus.
  • On-campus residency requirements are very common.
  • K-State remains committed to offering safe, affordable on-campus housing to students.

Questions regarding the first year residency requirement should be directed to Housing and Dining Services.