First Year Residency Exemptions

There are exemptions to the policy that students may be eligible for upon submitting an exemption application for review with appropriate documentation. See “Exemption Categories” below for more information.

Exemption Categories

Exemption categories along with links to the exemption request forms are as follows. If completing an exemption request, please visit the link for that category, as the links are specific to the exemption category.

Please make sure you have included all the necessary information and appropriate documentation. Any student submitting an incomplete exemption request form will be notified their request is cancelled and they must resubmit their exemption request form with any information or documentation that is missing.



Comprehensive Exemption Procedure
  1. The Director of Housing and Dining Services or designee is charged with reviewing applications for exemption and the subsequent granting or denial of exemptions.
  2. In order to request exemption from the First Year Undergraduate Student residency requirement, at least one of the eligible exceptions listed above must be met by the first day of the month when classes begin, and the applicable exemption must continue to apply throughout the applicable semester. All exemptions require proof of validity as outlined in the application.
  3. Exemption requests must be submitted online via the correct Exemption Request Form on the Housing and Dining Services website along with the appropriate documentation. May 1 is the deadline for the fall semester and Dec. 1 is the deadline for the spring semester. Requests will still be accepted and processed after the priority dates but processing time may be delayed and early contract termination fees per the contract would apply. Students who fail or refuse to comply with the residency requirement and/or who furnish false information to a University official in connection with a request for an exemption may be subject to disciplinary action.
  4. Appeals of exemption denials may be submitted to the Vice President for Academic Success and Student Affairs within five days of receiving denial and must contain new information not shared in initial exemption request. The Vice President for Academic Success and Student Affairs' decision regarding appeal is final.

Happy to Help!

If you have any questions regarding the first-year residency that aren't addressed here, we're here to help you. Contact the experts by calling the main Department of Housing and Dining Services office at 785-532-6453 or The Vice President for Academic Success and Student Affairs has authority over this Policy and its implementation.

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