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Housing and Dining Services

Community Assistant Position Opening

Job Summary

Desk operations are a critical component of our residence hall system. Residents, faculty, staff, guests and the general student body rely on the desk for services, support Van Zile Halland information. Because of the services provided by our desks, the Community Assistant is required to be an effective and courteous agent of Housing and Dining Services.

The Community Assistant is required to comply with all conditions of employment. These conditions include being a full-time student of Kansas State University and a resident of the hall of employment, maintaining a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in good academic standing as defined by the university, working the minimum number of hours as set by the desk supervisor, and abiding by the policies endorsed by Kansas State University and the Department of Housing and Dining Services. The position will tentatively begin on Aug. 9, 2018, for training, and may require you to work shifts over breaks.

If you are hired for the position, you will need to complete paperwork and get on the Housing and Dining Services payroll. This process requires a form of ID, a social security card and a voided check. Please ensure you have these documents.

General Duties

  • Assist in the opening and closing of the residence hall. This may require early arrival and late departure.
  • Sort, post and distribute mail, packages and newspapers
  • Answer the telephone in a courteous manner
  • Assist in crisis response
  • Monitor the established security systems and report problems
  • Receive and convey all information appropriately
  • Check out and receive equipment, always monitoring its condition upon return
  • Work with other staff to meet the needs of residents, faculty, staff, guests and the general student body
  • Perform administrative responsibilities effectively and efficiently
  • Assist in maintaining the department's physical facilities
  • Maintain appropriate records as needed
  • Responsibly handle all monetary transactions (if applicable)
  • Represent Housing and Dining Services in a positive manner
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Support the academic mission of Kansas State University
  • Monitor and maintain an appropriate atmosphere in the lobby
  • Attend all training sessions and meetings as required by desk supervisors
  • Monitor the entrance to the building through guest registration
  • Carry out other duties as assigned by supervisor