Sick Meals

What if I’m sick?

Everyone feels under the weather from time to time and needs to rest, but you can’t get better if you don’t eat! If you aren’t well enough to come to the dining center, you can get a sick meal.

Sick meals

Residents with meal plans are eligible for sick meals from the Derby and Kramer Dining Centers.

Start the request for a sick meal by completing this form.

Once completed, staff will review the request and send the student notification of the approval. Student Living staff reviews the received requests. Staff will contact you via your cell phonr or K-State email with additional information.

Students requesting a sick meal must have another individual pick-up the meal from the dining center. Residents may not pick up their own sick meal. The individual retrieving the sick meal must present the approval notice to the checker at the dining center entrance.

Students using this form regularly may be directed to on-campus resources to verify the continued use of sick meals.