Room Selection

It's almost here! Room selection for incoming residents will begin soon. You can view your room selection date and time in the Resident Portal. Below your contract information, you will see the date and time you may begin the room selection process. When you are able to select, your selection date and time will become a link to begin the selection process.

Our April 11 webinar took students and families through the process and answered our most frequently asked questions.

Room Selection 2023-2024

Before you begin the selection process, please:
Please also confirm:
  • All roommates have completed the contract and are mutually confirmed.
  • All roommates agree on one group leader who will make the room selection for all confirmed roommates.
  • All roommates agree on hall and room type preferences and the costs associated with each.
Coming Soon!

Beginning Monday, April 24, you will be able to select the "Inventory" link in the Resident Portal to see which rooms are still available for selection. PDF floor plan examples will be available in the Resident Portal at that time as well.


Have you considered a CAT Community?

Want to move to the front of the line and get an earlier time slot? Consider joining a K-State First Residential CAT Community. Residential CAT Communities provide an added opportunity for first-year students to connect with others who share their interests. About 22 students take a group of classes together and live in the same residence hall or residence hall area. They also have a live-in Residential Learning Assistant who serves as a mentor/guide.

Benefits of choosing a Residential CAT Community:
  • Residential CAT Community students can choose their space before the rest of the crowd, and they live, eat, sleep, study and socialize near each other, in addition to taking classes together.
  • It's easy to meet other first-year students who are interested in and excited about similar topics to you.
  • You can connect with faculty members and experienced students who are committed to helping you in your classes to build interactive, challenging and supportive spaces where you will find your community and learn together.

There are still some fantastic CAT Communities available, and one great benefit is that you will have the opportunity to choose your room even earlier! However, be advised, if you choose to discontinue enrollment in a Residential CAT Community for any reason, your CAT Community room reservation, including that of preferred roommates, will be removed. You will then be required to select another room from the list of currently available rooms at that time.

Here are some great CAT Community options:
  • Esports: Goodnow Hall, Marlatt Hall or Wefald Hall
  • First in the Family (first-generation students): Haymaker Hall
  • Hacking the MCAT: Ford Hall, Haymaker Hall, Moore Hall or West Hall
  • Hope and Resilience through Fandom: Ford Hall, Haymaker Hall, Moore Hall or West Hall
  • Psychology of Prejudice: Goodnow Hall, Marlatt Hall or Wefald Hall

    You can learn more about CAT Communities through K-State First.