Residence Hall Handbook

From the Director

Dear K-Stater,Derek Jackson

On behalf of Housing and Dining Services, I want to welcome you to our campus community. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for each and every resident. Our department strongly believes living on campus positively complements your educational experience outside the classroom. We have staff and services ready to assist you during the coming year.

While living with us, we encourage you to meet new friends, become involved in the numerous activities offered and enjoy the safety and convenience of on-campus living.

Derek Jackson, Associate Vice President of Community Building and Director of Housing and Dining Services

Developing a Residence Hall Community

We believe people who live together form natural communities. We’re committed to helping students learn from one another and treat each other with friendship and mutual respect.

As a member of a residence hall community, you have a voice in developing expectations for each other. From negotiating “house rules” with your roommates to developing community standards for your floor to getting involved in your hall council — you have an opportunity to make a difference and play an integral part in the creation of a harmonious, comfortable living environment.


The mission of Housing and Dining Services is to provide you with an affordable, safe and pleasant living environment that supports your ability to succeed at K-State. We're confident you'll find the residence halls well-maintained and staffed with people to assist you. Our dining centers offer nutritious and satisfying meals. We also provide many social, educational and cultural programs that enhance your experience at K-State.
We encourage you to become involved in your new environment. Use this year to take some risks and try new activities. Students living in the halls represent diverse values, backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles. We hope you'll challenge yourself to meet those who are different than you. The residence halls offer rich and unique opportunities to learn about yourself and others.

This handbook is an important source of information. It outlines policies and procedures that apply to life in the K-State residence halls. You're expected to understand and abide by these policies, as you have agreed through your residence hall contract. This handbook also contains information about your staff and your hall's services. Please ask a staff member if you have questions about these policies, procedures or other information in this handbook.

Mission Statement

We will support students by engaging in collaborative relationships that encourage scholarship, community and self-discovery. By creating intentional environments of quality and care, we will enable students, faculty and staff to achieve excellence.

Statement of Inclusion

Kansas State University's Department of Housing and Dining Services is dedicated to creating a culture that welcomes and embraces students from all backgrounds. By constructing meaningful dialogues and educational programming within our on-campus communities, we strive to engage students and staff members in the exploration and celebration of identities that align with — as well as differ from — their own. Through our continued efforts, it is our mission to enable students and staff alike to develop greater cultural competence in order to foster communities of justice and inclusive excellence.

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Questions regarding the policies and procedures outlined in the residence hall handbook should be directed to Housing and Dining Services at or 785-532-6453 (888-568-5027 toll free).