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Housing and Dining Services

Know Your Residence Hall Staff

Your hall staff is here to connect you to the resources you need to be a successful student.
Don't hesitate to reach out!

RESIDENT ASSISTANTS (RAs): RAs are full-time students, selected and trained by Housing and Dining Services, who offer you day-to-day living assistance. RAs live on each floor to help residents with problems and concerns. One of the RA's most important roles is to help you and your neighbors maintain a community environment that supports your ability to learn and succeed in college. RAs create this environment through special events, intentional conversations, and management of resources and hall leadership responsibilities. RAs are also responsible for communicating and interpreting university and residence hall policies and regulations, as well as responding to unacceptable behavior that violates policies and regulations.

RESIDENTIAL LEARNING ASSISTANTS (RLAs): Residential Learning Assistants (RLAs) are undergraduate students who act as peer mentors in residential CAT communities and support students' academic and social development during their first year at K-State. RLAs live in a residence hall near the students in their CAT Community.

COMMUNITY ASSISTANTS (CAs): CAs staff residence hall front desks (except Smurthwaite and Honors House) 24 hours a day when the halls are open. CAs answer questions and provide services such as checking out sports and kitchen equipment, reporting needed repairs, providing mail services and more.

DOOR ASSISTANTS (DAs): DAs staff the main entrance of the residence halls during limited access hours. DAs check IDs to identify all persons entering the residence halls and maintain a register of all guests Thursday through Saturday, 9 p.m. to 3 a.m.

STUDENT SUCCESS ASSISTANTS (SSAs): SSAs manage the front desks of the Student Success Center. SSAs are student leaders who are available to assist you with academic concerns.

COMMUNITY COORDINATORS (CCs): Each hall or community has a full-time, live-in, professional staff member. The CC is a graduate of a master's program, usually in college student personnel. The CC is responsible for planning and supervising all services and operations in the hall or community. Duties include advising residence hall student groups, planning educational programs, supervising and training RAs, helping residents develop and maintain positive communities, and helping residents with academic, housing and personal problems.

ASSISTANT COMMUNITY COORDINATORS (ACCs): ACCs are full-time graduate students pursuing academic work, often in student counseling/personnel services, who also live in the residence halls. Most halls and communities have at least one ACC who assists the CC in all areas of hall management, community development, student group advising and staff supervision.

ASSISTANT COORDINATORS FOR DEPARTMENTAL INITIATIVES (ACDIs): ACDIs are full-time graduate students who work with Housing and Dining Services on projects related to its four focus areas: leadership, enrollment management, academics and diversity. They assist the area coordinator for student development and the area coordinator for student recruitment in these endeavors.

AREA COORDINATOR FOR STUDENT DEVELOPMENT: This area coordinator is responsible for facilitating leadership opportunities and multicultural education for on-campus residents, including advising the K-State Association of Residence Halls and the department's Equity and Inclusion Committee. Contact this AC in the Student Success Center on the second floor of Kramer Dining Center for assistance with locating resources on diversity and leadership, or for ways to become more involved on campus.

AREA COORDINATOR FOR STUDENT RECRUITMENT AND ACADEMIC SUPPORT: This area coordinator is responsible for representing the department to prospective students and their families, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Student Success Center and the Honors House. This includes doing group presentations, coordinating residence hall tour processes and advising K-State's National Residence Hall Honorary chapter. The area coordinator for student recruitment and academic support is available in Wefald Hall.

AREA COORDINATOR FOR RESIDENCE LIFE: These area coordinators are responsible for oversight of the residence hall communities. They directly supervise the CCs and provide support for the overall student experience in the residence halls. The AC for the Derby and Strong communities is located in Boyd Hall and the AC for the Kramer Community is located in Wefald Hall.

CUSTODIAL/HOUSEKEEPING STAFF: Each residence hall has custodial staff who are responsible for helping keep common areas such as community bathrooms, hallways and lounges clean. It is your responsibility as a resident of the community to keep these areas neat and tidy, in addition to keeping your own room clean. If you are having difficulty with the environmental conditions of your room, contact your custodial staff, building repair person or hall staff member.

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT STAFF: Our staff performs all basic maintenance in the halls. Prompt reporting of damages or items needing repair helps keep your room and residence hall community in good shape. You can report a need for maintenance by contacting the front desk or a staff member.

DINING CENTER UNIT DIRECTORS: Each dining center has a unit director who oversees the planning and operation of its dining rooms and food programs. Unit directors and their registered dietitians are available for consultation regarding special dietary concerns and suggestions.

ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF: The Pittman Building is the central administration area for Housing and Dining Services. The administrative staff is responsible for supporting the management of our department and can assist you with questions and concerns regarding your contract, account and employee payroll.


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