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National Residence Hall Honorary

The National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH) was founded in 1954. NACURH was formed as a result of feeling that such an organization was needed to encourage the exchange of ideas and information. In February of 1972, the NACURH logo and the colors of blue and white were officially accepted by the National Board of Directors to represent NACURH. The symbol represents the structural form of the many varied facilities and housing units NACURH represents and is concerned with, both in character and in reality. The logo art form is continuous, representing the never-ending leadership of NACURH. The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is a service organization of NACURH, which firmly believes in the value of student involvement in all capacities of life in the residence halls including educational, social, and recreational realms. NRHH was established in 1964 to give recognition to outstanding student leaders within the residence hall systems on campuses, in their regions and nationally. Currently, there are over 200 NRHH Chapters nationwide.

Realizing the value of participation, students have become active and contributed vast amounts of their personal energy in an effort to make their college experiences more meaningful. This effort not only benefits them, but the entire residence hall systems as well. NRHH is the only nationwide organization dedicated to recognize this effort by students. NRHH Chapters are organized locally on individual campuses.

The Little Apple Chapter 

Like every organization, the Little Apple Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary has a unique history. In 1996, the KSU NRHH Chapter contained four active members. Due to its small size, duties were focused to recognition and getting the chapter’s name out to residents.

As the chapter grew, more activities were added. In 1997, the chapter had grown to 10 active members and many committees were formed to take on these new responsibilities including Fundraising, Community Service, Awards, Website, Recruitment, and Campus recognition to name a few. It was during this year the chapter decided to rename itself to something other than KSU NRHH. Names like the Mable Strong Chapter, the Purple and White Chapter, and the Flint Hills Chapter were discussed before the Little Apple Chapter was decided upon.

That year also found the chapter bidding for “Building Block Chapter of the Year” due to its strong growth and excitement for the future. In 1998, the membership grew to 25 members. With this large membership and dedicated leaders, many community service and social opportunities arose. This year marked the first time the chapter bid for “Chapter of the Year.” In 2000, the large number of committees was whittled down to three — OTMs (Of The Months), Programming, and Awards and Banquets. Recognition became an ever increasing focus for the chapter. Projects aimed at recognizing hall staff, hall governing boards, senior staff, and Pittman Staff to name a few, became an annual event. During the spring of 2001, LAC NRHH decided to make yet another change to its committees because the chapter felt that some things were being overlooked. They switched to a five committee system which included OTMs, Awards and Banquets, Recognition/Programming, Community Service, and Bidding.

With these new and altered committees, LAC NRHH hopes to get more members involved and accomplish even greater tasks than before. In 2004, 2005, and 2006 NRHH submitted a bid for “chapter of the year” and “member of the year” at the annual MACURH conference. At the MACURH Conference 2006 in Brooking, SD, the Little Apple Chapter was named MACURH NRHH Chapter of the Year! The annual Leadership Banquet held in the Spring Semester has grown as a much larger event over the past few years. Recently, LAC NRHH has taken up annual community service projects including creating blankets for The Linus Project and Fake Patty’s Day Cleanup. During the 2014-2015 year, LAC NRHH is taking aim each month on one of the four pillars of NRHH — Leadership, Recognition, Scholarship, and Service — and will plan events and programs that encourage that pillar in the K-State on-campus housing system throughout the year.