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University dietitians represent K-State

University Dietitians represent K-State through national and state organizations 

April 21, 2017 — Dietitians in K-State's Housing and Dining Services have been taking on leadership positions at both state and national levels.

Camille Korenek, registered dietitian and unit director at Van Zile Dining Center, was named director-elect of the National Association of College and University Foodservices-Midwest Region at its regional conference March 19-21 in Iowa City, Iowa. Korenek will transition from her three-year position as treasurer of the region to her new position at the national conference in July in Nashville, Tennessee. The association is the premier source of education, benchmarking and peer networking for university foodservice professionals in collegiate dining. It has approximately 550 member institutions of higher education and 500 industry members from the food, equipment and consulting segments. The Midwest Region covers nine states from Kansas up through the Great Lakes.

Missy Schrader, registered dietitian and unit director at Kramer Dining Center, and Kelly Whitehair, registered dietitian and menu and recipe development coordinator, have been invited to participate in the association's professional practice reviews at various universities this spring. These visits involve a team of professionals from across the country who visit campuses and assist in reviewing their practices in relation to professional standards supported by the association. These reviews not only benefit the university who invited the professional reviewers, but also those who attend through their many networking, brainstorming and team building opportunities.

Whitehair, as the current president-elect of the Kansas Nutrition Council, will attend the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Conference in July in Washington, D.C.