Boyd Hall recognizes housekeeper, receives regional award

March 29, 2018—Boyd Hall second floor was awarded the regional residence hall community of the month by the National Residence Hall Honorary. Resident Assistant Mary White nominated her floor for their recognition efforts toward their housekeeper, Joy Campbell.

During a floor meeting, resident Sam Whitten suggested the floor do something for Campbell, who had taken on more responsibilities due to a change in employee placement across the department.

“She does a lot for us, and it’s good to recognize people who do things for others,” Whitten said. “It seems like housekeepers often don’t get the recognition they deserve.”

Resident Michaela Bost suggested collecting money from floor members for a gift card to go with a thank you card signed by residents.

“Every other night, Michaela would invite fellow B2 women to stop by her room to sign the card and add money to the collection in the coin jar if they wanted,” White said. “After only a week and a half, the residents filled the card with thankful notes and pooled a total of $50 for Joy.”

B2 floor president, Eliza Taverner, gave the largest donation. Taverner said she donated because she comes from a family full of blessings and was raised to give those blessings back.

The women of B2 went above the community’s expectations by going out of their way to recognize Campbell’s hard work.

The Little Apple Chapter of NRHH accepts “ Of The Month ” nominations for numerous categories including advisor, residential community, first-year student and organization. Campus winners are recognized each month, and are sent to be reviewed at the regional and national level.