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Student Service Technician exceeds expectations, wins award

Nov. 27, 2018—Student Service Technician Tommy Giordano received the Student Staff Member of the Month award for his outstanding efforts during an incident in the Jardine Apartment community.

Resident Assistants Justin Moser and Jacob Casey were on nightly rounds when they heard multiple fire alarms going off in International Court. After they were unable to find the source of the alarms, they called SST Giordano for assistance.

Giordano was able to help the RAs locate a dumpster with discarded smoke detectors that had been replaced by maintenance staff earlier that day. The heavy rain caused the alarms to malfunction, resulting in the continuous noise.

In order to solve the problem, Giordano “stepped up and climbed into the dumpster full of very wet and foul-smelling garbage and started to dig through it to find the 10-15 smoke detectors that were going off,” Moser wrote in his nomination. “Tommy could’ve easily walked away or said ‘I’m not doing that!’ but instead he took the initiative to assist the residents of International Court.”

The Little Apple Chapter of NRHH accepts “Of The Month” nominations for numerous categories including student staff member, residential community, advisor and organization. Campus winners are recognized each month, and are sent to be reviewed at the regional and national level.