Housing and Dining Services Honors Leaders

National Residence Hall Honorary Leadership Reception Awards

April 16, 2019 — The Little Apple Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary held its annual leadership reception Monday, April 15, at the Alumni Center ballroom. More than 50 awards were given out at the event. The Department of Housing and Dining Services offers its congratulations to the following.

Faculty Member of the Year: Laurence "Lorn" Clement Jr., associate professor of landscape architecture and regional community planning.

Association of Residence Halls Member of the Year: Bailee Tucker, Ford Hall.

Association of Residence Halls Bronze Pins: Brenan Riffel, Moore Hall; Kyra Manner, Putnam Hall; Olivia Mangual, Van Zile Hall; and Jacob Matney, Moore Hall.

NRHH Member of the Year: Kinsey Davidson, Boyd Hall.

NRHH Bronze Pins: Christina Rebarchek, Jardine Apartments; and Hannah Konrad-Huttner, Housing and Dining Services Departmental Initiatives, Jardine Apartments.

NRHH President's Points: Bre Rowe, Marlatt Hall; and Kinsey Davidson, Boyd Hall.

Diamond Powercat Awards: Katherine Edmunds, Ford Hall; Alex Hardin, Marlatt Hall; Bryce Carlson, Goodnow Hall; MacKenzie Cline, Smurthwaite Leadership/Scholarship House; Christian Tatham, Haymaker Hall; Maleah Meyer, Boyd Hall; Trenton Prothero, Moore Hall; Austin Anderson, Jardine Denison Neighborhood; Owen Michael, Jardine Plaza Neighborhood; Abby Rebollar, Jardine West End Neighborhood; Erin Jones, Honors House; and Kaleigh Cobb, Wefald Hall.

Eva Ford Scholarship recipients: Janae Skaggs, Ford Hall; Brooklyn Dillon, Ford Hall; Gabi Nichols, Ford Hall; Alexis Overton, Ford Hall; Sarah Lierz, Ford Hall; and Bailee Tucker, Ford Hall.

Mabel Strong Scholarship recipients: Cadence Ciesielski, Honors House; MacKenzie Cline, Smurthwaite Leadership/Scholarship House; Mikayla Cox, Haymaker Hall; and Kourtney Rumback, Honors House.

Dr. Stephanie Bannister STARS College Scholarship recipient: Ayanna Phillips, Haymaker Hall.

Advisor of the Year: Marcus Cottrell, Moore Hall. Also nominated were Jordan Wolf, Smurthwaite Leadership/Scholarship House; and Neffertia Tyner, Strong Community.

Program of the Year: "qWest," by West Hall. Also nominated were the Strong Community Formal and Moore Hall's "Trick Moore Treat."

First-Year Experience Award: Sarah Carr, Honors House. Also nominated were Andrew Mooneyham, Strong Community; Christopher Burrell, Moore Hall; Daniel Dunn, Goodnow Hall; and Nick Sprowls, Marlatt Hall.

Student of the Year: Anna Kline, Strong Community. Also nominated were Cedric Barnes, Marlatt Hall; Mikayla Cox, Haymaker Hall; Peter Fontaine, Honors House; Riley Griggs, Wefald Hall; and Parker Yust, Moore Hall.

RA of the Year: Christian Swearingen, Moore Hall. Also nominated were Katie Arpin, Marlatt Hall; Megan Campbell, Smurthwaite Leadership/Scholarship House; Gabby Coleman, Haymaker Hall; and Mitch Walden, Strong Community.

RLA of the Year: Brian Mota, Strong Community. Also nominated was Madi Sawyer, Moore Hall.

Outstanding Service Award: David Beckley, Honors House; Jacob Matney, Moore Hall; and DJ Springfield, Moore Hall. Also nominated were Darrell Reese Jr., Moore Hall; Emily Francis, Wefald Hall; Lauren Lauffer, Strong Community; and Tyler Tripp, Honors House.

Community of the Year: Ford Hall.

The Little Apple Chapter of NRHH recognizes the top 1% of students living on campus who have contributed outstanding service and leadership in the residence hall while also excelling at academics. The organization holds regular meetings in addition to special events and community service activities.