Dining Centers

Derby Dining Center

Derby Dining Center


  • Derby Dining Center, named after reference librarian Grace Derby, is the largest dining facility on campus and serves approximately 2,000 students who live in Ford, Haymaker, Moore and West residence halls.
  • Derby, a.k.a. "The Derb," is home to The Bakery, which specializes in made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls, brownies, cookies and even birthday cakes.
  • In the Derby Academic Resource Center, students can take advantage of free tutoring, a computer lab, study space, printer and more.
Kramer Dining Center

Kramer Dining Center


  • Kramer Dining Center, which serves the students who live in Goodnow and Marlatt residence halls, was named in honor of Home Economics Professor Martha Kramer.
  • The dining center is located near the academic buildings on the west side of campus.
  • Just inside the west entry of Kramer is Quik Cats convenience store, which provides speedy access to snacks, grab-and-go food options, movie rentals and more.
  • The Academic Resource Center at Kramer provides students with study space, tutoring, a computer lab, printing and other helpful services.
Van Zile Dining Center

Van Zile Dining Center


  • Van Zile Dining Center serves the students living in Strong Complex: Boyd, Putnam and Van Zile residence halls.
  • Domestic Science Professor Mary Van Zile lent her name to this historic limestone building located on the east side of campus.
  • The dining center's food court design and smaller, homelike environment is popular with its students.
  • Students can grab a drink or snack, rent movies and purchase personal care items at the dining center's Quik Cats convenience store.