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Derby Dining Center Menu

Kramer Dining Center Menu

It is a violation of the meal plan contract to take food out of the dining center unless using an On-the-Go reusable container program meal or a meal using the sick meal process. Additionally, per compliance with the Kansas Food Code, outside drink containers are not allowed to be filled in the dining center.

Reusable Take Out Box Program

On-the-Go takeout meals are available at Derby and Kramer Dining Center during all regular dining center hours using reusable green boxes to support campus sustainability initiatives. All-Access meal plan holders have 5 OTG reusable box swipes available to use each week. Unused meals do not roll over into the following week. Weekly 12 meal plan holders may use the entire balance of their 12 meals for OTG reusable boxes each week or any combination of dine-in and OTG reusable box swipes to equal to 12. A maximum of 2 OTG reusable box swipes can be used per day.

All students living in the residence halls are eligible to participate in the OTG reusable Take Out Box Program and can sign up to participate at the dining center checker’s stand by signing a one time waiver* about the proper usage and care of the green box. Once enrolled you will be given a carabiner to clip on your backpack until you are ready to exchange for food.

*Faculty, staff, Jardine, and non-residence hall students with a meal plan other than all access can join the program with a $10.00 investment.

Reusable Box Program Waiver

The process for obtaining an OTG meal at a dining center:

  1. Go to the checker's stand and request an OTG reusable box meal before you swipe. If you are already enrolled by signing the waiver, show your carabiner or turn in your soiled reusable box to obtain a carabiner (see return process below).
  2. The cashier will change the tender to On-the-Go, swipe your K-State ID card and have you proceed to the one line of your choice to turn in your carabiner to get your one entrée.
  3. Your takeout entrée will only be given to you in a reusable takeout box. You can select any sides, salad, baked potato, pizza, or self-service item as long as the box can close. You can carry a piece of fruit and/or one dessert outside of this container.
  4. You will be given a silverware packet and one cold drink cup with lid.

A few important guidelines to follow:

  • You may not dine-in if you select OTG reusable box meal. Once you have your OTG reusable box you have a 10 min time allotment to collect your remaining food and exit the dining center.
  • Keep food safety in mind! The meal needs to be eaten or refrigerated within 2 hours of leaving the dining center.
  • Please return your wiped-out food contain as promptly as possible to keep enough containers in circulation and to minimize microbial growth.

Return process for your soiled reusable box at a dining center:

  1. Green boxes should be wiped out, rinsed and stored propped open prior to returning them to the dining center. Food waste must be placed into a waste receptacle. Do not wash food particles down any Housing and Dining Services sinks or drains.
  2. Go to the checker’s stand and present box to checker for visual inspection prior to you placing in the soiled box bin.
  3. Once your box passes visual inspection the checker will give you a carabiner to hold onto until your next OTG reusable box meal is needed.
  4. The checker will call a manager if your box does not pass visual inspection to make a final determination if you need to be charged a $10.00 replacement fee to allow you to continue participating in the program. The replacement cost for a lost carabiner is $5.00.

Mobile Menus

Our award-winning menus are now available on your mobile phone through the K-State HDS mobile app. The app also allows you to view your meal, Cat Cash and Dining Dollars balance at a glance.

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