Nutrition and Special Diet Information

All Dining Services locations are staffed with registered and licensed dietitians who are available to assist residents following a diet modified for medical or religious purposes. The dietitian in your facility will be happy to help you locate the appropriate foods within the dining center to keep you healthy and safe.

For dietary requests based on lifestyle or religion (vegan, halal, etc.), please contact the registered dietititan for your dining center .

Food Allergy Procedure

Step One:

After a student contacts Dining Services, they will be directed to the unit Dietitian to set up an initial meeting.

While setting up an initial meeting, we ask that students fill out paperwork through the Student Access Center. The SAC will require medical documentation from a physician. SAC staff work with Dining Services to make sure accomodations can be met and establish a network of support for the student while at K-State.

Step Two:

At the initial meeting the Dietitian will provide:

  • Overview of dining operations, including methods and ingredients used in meal preparation.
  • Tour of dining center to identify areas of concern, including alergy friendly area and foods, highlighting menu options and ways to navigate the dining center specific for your dietary needs.
  • Access to the mobile app ordering system will be granted and instructions on how to use this resource will be given.
  • Agree on a plan of action for the student based on their dietary needs.
  • Meet management staff and lead cooks if available.

Dietitian may take notes on the Food Allergy Student Document form.

Within 48 hours of the meeting, Dietitian will email outlining what was discussed at the meeting and the plan that was decided on.

Upon request from the student, Dietitians will provide:

  • Suggestions for a change in plan for the student.
  • Information regarding recipe information and preparation.
  • Any other questions or concerns the student may have.

After 2 weeks, the Dietitian will periodically follow-up to ensure dietary needs are being met. Students may also reach out at any time to address concerns.

Allergy Friendly Station & Mobile Ordering System

Our Allergy friendly station is for individuals who have dietary needs and have met with a dietitian. We keep allergy friendly items in there including gluten free bread, bagels, muffins and cookies. These items are only for dining in and NOT for takeout as a snack.

Our mobile order system can also be utilized by the student. After meeting with a dietitian, they will give access to this system. After enrollment is confirmed, the student will receive a link to utilize and order their food for their daily meals. To receive meals on a daily basis, the student will select the dining center where the meal will be picked up and make selections from the daily menu options listed for that day on the app. Before placing the order, they will designate a meal pick up time then place the order.

Dining center staff will obtain the order and prepare it following food allergy preparation protocols that reflect FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) guidelines and standards. The order will be ready for the student to pick up at the designated time and location within the specified dining center.

Student Responsibilties - Be your own advocate!

  1. Be prepared and have a plan.
    1. Review the menu prior to your arrival. Menus are posted on our Dining website.
  2. Know your Allergen(s)
    1. Choose items you know are safe for you. We recommend students with any allergies to avoid fried products, Wok food items, and Bakery items due to cross contact. We also recommend you to be cautious around self-service areas. We recommend those with severe allergy and cross contact concerns to utilize our ordering app to ensure safety.
    2. Inform your server that you have an allergy- the server can wash their hands and change gloves or utensils.
  3. Let us help you!
    1. Keep open line of communication with dietitians and managers.
    2. We are always happy to look up a recipe. It’s important to us that you receive a safe balanced meal, every meal.
    3. We can better address your needs if communication continues past the initial meeting. Reach out to the dietitian if you have concerns.
  4. Respect our time by picking up meals ordered through our ordering system and if you won’t make it communicating appropriately to cancel your ordered meal.
    1. Understand having a special item prepared for you may include extra time.
  5. Inform your Roommates and Hall Staff
    1. Help them understand your food allergy.
    2. Let them know how they can assist you.

Remember…you always have the final say in your menu selections.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Notes regarding all meetings with a Unit Dietitian and a student are kept secure in our files and only dietitians have access to these files. Dining center managers and staff will only have the information needed to be known so that they can safely provide meals for the student. Documentation will also help Dietitians in all buildings to be better equipped to assist students as they often dine in multiple dining centers.

In case of a reaction

Kansas State Housing & Dining procedure is to call 911 and request medical attention if a student suffers from a reaction while in a dining center. After the well-being of the student is ensured, the dietitian will follow-up with the student to review what may have happened to cause the reaction.

It is important to notify the dietitian if a reaction occurs after you leave the dining center. This will ensure proper follow-up occurs to prevent the reaction from occurring again.

If student suffers from a life-threatening reaction, permission will be asked to share with your Residence Life staff. This is so they are informed of what to do in case an allergic reaction were to occur after returning to the residence halls.

Please Be Aware

Food values are approximate and ingredient substitutions are possible. Please recognize that the ingredients and nutritional content of food items served in the dining centers may vary. Ingredients that may be listed or special diets marked on dining center menus are based on ingredient information and do not take into account the potential for cross-contact during preparation or service. Manufacturers may change their product formulation or consistency of ingredients without our knowledge, and product availability may fluctuate. While we make every effort to identify ingredients, we cannot assure against these contingencies. It is, therefore, ultimately the responsibility of the customer to judge whether or not to question ingredients or choose to eat selected foods. For additional information regarding ingredients, please contact a Dining Services dietitian.

Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all food allergies. Housing and Dining Services cannot guarantee the safety of students with life-threatening allergies.