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Nutrition and Allergy Information

As you learn about your chosen field of study at K-State, Dining Services would like to remind you that it's also important to study up on matters that affect your health. Our registered dietitians are here to help you make smart choices about your diet. See the links at left to learn about your options.  


Special Dietary Needs

All Dining Services locations are staffed with registered and licensed dietitians who are available to assist residents following a diet modified for medical or religious purposes. The dietitian in your facility will be happy to help you plan your meals and locate the appropriate foods within the dining center to keep you healthy and safe. Also, nutrition information is available for each item featured on the daily menu pages and on most point-of-sale menu item cards to further assist you.

Students who live in our residence halls and anticipate the need to follow a medically necessary diet plan should complete their section of our allergy accommodations form and have their physician complete the bottom half. When the student receives their residence hall and dining complex assignment, they can request a meeting with a dietitian listed below for their complex and provide them with the completed allergy accommodations form.

Food values are approximate and ingredient substitutions are possible. Please recognize that the ingredients and nutritional content of food items served in the dining centers may vary. Ingredients that may be listed or special diets marked on dining center menus are based on ingredient information do not take into account the potential for cross-contact during preparation or service. Manufacturers may change their product formulation or consistency of ingredients without our knowledge, and product availability may fluctuate. While we make every effort to identify ingredients, we cannot assure against these contingencies. It is, therefore, ultimately the responsibility of the customer to judge whether or not to question ingredients or choose to eat selected foods. For questions regarding ingredients, please consult a Dining Services dietitian at any time.


Contact Our Dietitians

You can contact your community's dietitian directly, or submit your questions via the Ask a Dietitian web form.

Derby Dining Center 
Van Zile Dining Center
Van Zile Dining Center
Valerie DonelanCamille KorenekEstefania Lopez 
Valerie Donelan
Camille Korenek
M.Ag, RDN, LD 
Estefania Lopez
Kramer Dining Center
Missy SchraderKristi BaongaCarissa Tummons
Melissa Schrader
MS, RD, LD  
Kristi Baonga
Carissa Tummons
RD, LD