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Housing and Dining Services

Nutrition Now 

The Program

Nutrition Now is the nutrition and wellness program brought to K-State student residents by the Housing and Dining Services team of registered dietitians.

Our Mission

The Nutrition Now Committee works to provide nutrition-related services, education and resources to the Housing and Dining Services student community, and to Kansas State University at large through collaboration with campus wellness groups. In an effort to address students' special dietary needs, it advocates for the procurement of allergy-friendly products and recipes while educating university and student employees about allergy safety. Nutrition Now seeks to support students' academic pursuits by encouraging a healthful, balanced diet and regular exercise.

In the videos below, we show you how Dining Services supports your healthy diet. 

Nutrition Now Topics

Tips for Dining Out                                                     Late-Night Caffeine and Snacking

Walking Off Calorie Counts                                          Smart Snacking

Portion Control & Building a Healthy Plate                   Better Breakfasts

 Better Beverage Choices

Infused Water                                                               Drinks to Consume in Moderation

Ways to Stay Hydrated