Apply now

In order to complete this application online, you must:

  • have a credit card.*
  • pay a $30 nonrefundable application fee.
  • not currently live on campus.
  • meet the eligibility requirements listed below.

An application will not be accepted without payment.

An application does not reserve or guarantee an apartment assignment.

Agreements are established with all residents of an apartment. If two or three individuals plan to live together, it is necessary for all residents to complete an application and to pay the application fee. This does not apply to spouses and children.

Students are given priority in the assignment process.

Jardine Apartments are on-campus residences for students who:

  • are married, with or without children.
  • are single parents with primary custody or regular visitation of children.
  • are single undergraduate students enrolled in their second year or subsequent year at K-State or transferring from another institution of higher education.
  • are single nontraditional students (at least 25 years old).
  • are single graduate students.
  • are persons conducting postdoctoral research.
  • are visiting scholars.
  • are faculty/staff (limited term).
  • are first semester First Year students who are part of a pre-approved student group with a specialized support services (i.e. athletics, ROTC, etc.).
    • A Jardine Any 100 meal plan is required for the first two semesters.
  • are second semester First Year students who have lived in the residence halls for a minimum of one semester.
    • A Jardine Any 100 meal plan is required for one semester.

Freshmen are only eligible if married, parents with primary custody or regular visitation of children, or nontraditional students (at least 25 years old).

Limited term applicants are only eligible for a maximum one-year nonextendable agreement. Limited term occupancy is subject to availability. Please note that applicants seeking occupancy as a Kansas State University student will be given priority above a limited term application. The resident(s) must be enrolled at Kansas State University. The University retains discretion to individuals who have a current connection to Kansas State University (i.e. Post Doc and Visiting Scholars).

The resident(s) must present proof of eligibility for residence in Jardine Apartments. Documentation must be provided for a spouse (marriage certificate) and/or dependent child (custody paper or birth certificate). It is the responsibility of the resident to have all documentation translated into English.

Only roommates of the same gender are permitted for single residents.

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