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Housing and Dining Services

Get Involved at Jardine Apartments

Residents' Council

The Jardine Residents' Council is a monthly forum where residents are invited to hear updates on the Jardine community, learn about housing and campus resources, ask questions of staff and get to know other members of the community. Each month, there is a new central topic and all residents are encouraged to attend. 

Global Women's Society

Events sponsored by the Global Women's Society provide women in Jardine Apartments with opportunities to come together to learn, create, develop friendships and just have fun. The group meets each month to make a dish, complete a craft, play games, enjoy music, discover services offered in the Manhattan area and share other cultures.

For more information about the Global Women's Society, call 785-532-3790.

Sponsored and advised by the Jardine staff, all women in the community are cordially invited to participate.

Neighborhood Programs

Jardine is divided into several neighborhoods, each served by a trained staff member or assistant coordinator who plans a number of activities.

These events provide opportunities for residents to become better acquainted. Neighborhood programs often involve barbecues, picnics, bowling, ping-pong tournaments, classic movie nights, pumpkin carving contests and ice cream socials. Watch for more information about upcoming events in the Jardine Journal or contact your neighborhood staff.

Community-Wide Programming

A tradition of nationally recognized community events is one of the most appealing parts of the Jardine living experience. Jardine staff members, many times in coordination with residents, plan at least two programs each month in which residents are encouraged to get involved. Community-wide programs are designed to allow residents the chance to learn, socialize, serve and grow — all while having fun. In addition, these programs often function as a means of communicating important complex information to residents.

Events like the Opening Olympics, Health and Safety Fair, Barn Party, State Fair Trip, Canoe Trip and Cultural Community Celebration Week are quickly listed by residents as programs they've enjoyed the most.

Information about upcoming programs can be found in the Jardine Journal, and will be posted at mailboxes and laundry facilities.