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Housing and Dining Services

Housing Conduct Process

Kansas State University’s Housing and Dining Services strives to create community spaces that allow for students to grow and succeed in both their academic and personal lives. In order to create a space that fosters this development, Housing and Dining Services staff works to hold community members accountable to the standards and policies of the community. If you are documented by our staff for potentially violating a university or department policy, you will be subject to an adjudication process. Through this process, students will work one-on-one with a member of the housing staff or a peer-board hearing with the office of student life. Below is an example of what to expect in a conduct process. This flow chart is provided for illustration purposes, but the applicable policy language governs university processes and will control in the event of any ambiguity or conflict.

*Students also have the option to seek a mediation (as applicable) or peer review board process.

*Provided however, if these matters are addressed under the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) process such that risk management measures impacting the resident’s housing are implemented through that process, the procedures under that process for an opportunity to be heard and any opportunity to appeal shall supersede and control.

Initial Process
  1. Incident occurs.
  2. Incident is documented.
  3. Hearing officer assigns chrages and sends letter to involved students.
  4. Adminstrative hearing.
  5. Decision is made from meeting.
    • If the student is found not responsible: letter sent and case closure.
    • If the student is found responsible: letter sent and sanctions assigned.
  6. Student can either complete the sanction and case closure, or appeal the decision.

A student who is found responsible has the right to appeal the decision/ sanctions. The appeal must follow the requirements as stated in the "outcome letter’" emailed to the student after their meeting with housing staff. Below is an example of what to expect in an appeal process.

Appeals Process
  1. Student completes appeal form.
  2. Associate director reviews case and appeal.
    • If the decisoin is overturned: sanction modified or case dismissed.
    • If the decision is upheld: student completes sanction and case closure.


Housing Conduct Process description.


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