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Housing and Dining Services

University Policies

Conduct: University Policy
Meningococcal Vaccine
Prohibited Network Devices
Technology Usage
Threatening Behavior
Violent Games

Conduct: University Policy

All residents must be familiar with and abide by the conduct standards set forth in university policies, including but not limited to:

Make a report concerning the Student Code of Conduct.

Make a report concerning the Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Violence, Domestic and Dating Violence, and Stalking.

Make a Threat Management Report: Please contact the Director of Labor Relations at 785-532-6277.

Make a Student of Concern Report.

Report additional crimes or concerns.

Meningococcal Vaccine

It is a policy of the Board of Regents of the State of Kansas that all incoming students residing in the residence halls be vaccinated for meningitis or sign a waiver refusing the meningitis vaccine.

Every student must submit a meningococcal vaccine documentation form to Lafene Health Center regardless of whether you receive the vaccine. Log in using your eID and password, click on ‟forms” and fill out the vaccination form. You may also access the TB questionnaire on Lafene’s site. All incoming students are required to upload vaccination records and can do so on this site. You may receive the vaccine by making an appointment at Lafene Health Center or with your physician. Failure to submit a meningococcal vaccine documentation form is a violation of your residence hall contract.

Prohibited Network Devices

Certain devices are prohibited on the K-State network due to their potential to cause issues or outages with the network. These issues can range from decreased network performance to complete outages for a building or multiple buildings.

  • IT policy prohibits installation or use of any and all networking equipment on the K-State network such as a router, switch, repeater, bridge, VPN server/ concentrator, hardware firewall, wireless access point, or any similar equipment.
  • Any type of Network Address Translation (NAT) device (software or hardware based) is prohibited.
  • Running a server of any kind on the K-State network is prohibited, (i.e. FTP, SMTP, DHCP, P2P, HTTP or distributed transaction server).
  • Network printers and print servers are not supported.


Please read the University Smoking Policy in its entirety.

Technology Usage

When using the computing resources of Housing and Dining Services, you agree to the following:

  • It is the responsibility for the user to be aware of and follow all university policies and procedures listed in the K-State Policies and Procedures Manual. View K-State’s complete set of information technology policies.
  • Usage must always be legal, ethical, reflect academic honesty and community standards, and show restraint in the consumption of shared resources.
  • To refrain from viewing, copying, altering or destroying anyone’s files without explicit permission from the owner of the files.
  • It is the responsibility to follow all university policies including PPM 3010.
  • To refrain from posting, mailing, displaying or otherwise distributing obscene materials.
  • To refrain from making, distributing or using unauthorized copies of licensed software, music or literature, videos or copyrighted materials.
  • To refrain from damaging files or intentionally damaging or destroying equipment, software or data belonging to K-State or individual users.
  • To refrain from using residential network connections for monetary gain.
  • To refrain from providing a server of any kind (i.e. FTP, SMTP, DHCP, P2P, HTTP or distributed transaction server) via the residential network.
  • To refrain from connecting a router (or similar device) on the residential network.
  • Violation of any policy could result in sanctions, including, but not limited to, administrative cancellation of computing resources and services, cancellation of housing contracts, dismissal from the university or legal action.

Threatening Behavior

Please refer to the University Threat Management Policy.

If you receive substantially disruptive or threatening phone calls, emails, texts or social media interactions, please report them immediately to a staff member as well as the K-State Police Department. You will be given a form to complete. Making threats by phone is a violation of the law, university regulations and Housing and Dining Services expectations.

Violent Games

K-State has a policy (Chapter 8590 in K-State’s Policies and Procedures Manual) regarding games that are violent or perceived as violent. This policy is in effect in the residence halls, Jardine Apartments, dining centers and all other campus locations. View the entire Violent Game Policy 8590.


Please refer to the University Firearms and Weapons Policy.


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