Residence Hall Parking

Students living in the residence halls or Smurthwaite Scholarship and Leadership House who are bringing a vehicle must purchase a parking permit if they plan to park on campus. Permits can be purchased directly from Parking Services . All residence hall students start with an "R" lot designation, allowing them to park in the R and Z parking lots on campus. The R lots are the B2 and B3 lots north of the Derby Community and a section of the D1 parking lot between Denison and Sunset Ave. a few blocks south of the Kramer Community. Some Jardine Apartments parking lots also have R lot designation. You are encouraged to order your permit before you arrive on campus, and become familiar with the campus parking rules and regulations and view the campus parking lot maps. If you have special parking needs, please contact Parking Services .

The lots closest to the residence halls, including the "D" designation (lots A11, A12, A14 and A15 in the Derby Community) and the "GM" designation (lots D4 and D5 in the Kramer Community) are for students who have been given access to those lots via Housing and Dining Services' upgrade process. Learn more about the upgrade process.

With the adoption of License Plate Recognition (LPR) by Parking Services, there is a waitlist option students can sign up for via the Parking Services Parking Portal by selecting "add/edit waitlist." This waitlist does not determine who gets upgraded to the D and GM designation but indicates that a student is interested in an upgrade. Students should be sure to select the correct waitlist for their community. As a reminder, the Derby Community includes Ford, Haymaker, Moore and West Halls and the Kramer Community includes Goodnow, Marlatt and Wefald Halls.


With the adoption of License Plate Recognition (LPR), physical hang tag permits are no longer needed. Your vehicle's license plate will have a virtual permit as soon as it's registered. After registering, you will receive an email from Parking Services outlining the parking lots your permit allows you to park in.
Learn More About LPR

Guest parking

Guests who wish to park on campus must purchase a visitor permit. More information is available from Parking Services .

Upgraded parking permits

Residence Halls

Lots adjacent to the residence halls contain a limited number of spaces. These parking spaces are reserved for students with a D permit in Derby Community and a GM permit in Kramer Community.

Upgrades are done on a point system that was created by the Association of Residence Halls, a leadership organization of residence hall students. Points are allocated to residents in accordance with the following criteria:

• Number of semesters you have lived in the residence halls at K-State
• Academic class standing (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
• Age
• Accumulated credit hours (including transfer hours)
• Leadership involvement in the residence hall organizations

Students are encouraged to sign up for the waitlist on the Parking Portal but should remember that the order that is shown on the waitlist does not impact who is upgraded. Freshmen are unlikely to be upgraded to the closest lots since the point system is seniority-based.

Smurthwaite Scholarship and Leadership House

Spaces in the parking lot at Smurthwaite are allocated per a seniority point system similar to that of the residence halls. Freshmen will most likely be assigned to the residence hall parking lot a short walk away.

Students do not need to call to inquire about getting a parking upgrade. Students who have purchased a residence hall permit should sign up on the Parking Portal upgrade waitlist and wait for notification via email if they receive an upgrade. Upgrades are made at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. If additional spaces become available at other times, upgrades will be sent out. Students who are given upgrades for the fall semester can begin parking in those lots after they have acknowledged the notification of their upgrade which may happen as early as the first day of fall semester classes.

Questions about residence hall parking upgrades can be sent to or by calling 785-532-7659. All other parking-related questions should be directed to Parking Services at or 785-532-7275.

Honors House

Parking in the Honors House lot is free and available only to Honors House residents and their guests. During check-in, residents will receive a parking sticker to display inside their front windshield indicating they are an Honors House resident. If Honors House residents intend to drive to classes or park in other lots on campus, they need ot purchase the appropriate parking permit through Parking Services. The Honors House parking sticker is not valid in any other campus lots.