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Housing and Dining Services

Undergraduate Student Employment, Retail Locations

Housing and Dining Services invites you to apply for what could be the best college job you will ever have! We're always accepting applications for our retail establishments.



Retail Jobs

Jardine Marketplace: JP's Sports Grill 
K-State Student Union: Union Station by JP's

Jardine Marketplace employs a variety of student employees — and we're serious about recruiting students who are outgoing, fun, energetic and eager to provide exemplary customer service. Employment with us requires the ability to work independently. Applicants that wish to work for JP's Sports Grill or Union Station by JP's benefit from training and learning new knowledge of food preparation, bartending or serving skills. Prior experience is preferred, but not required. These positions fill up fast, so apply early!

Cornerstone Café at Hale Library, Jardine, Wefald Hall

Applicants who wish to work at Cornerstone should have a passion for hand-crafted beverages, welcoming smiles and enjoy engaging with customers. The ideal applicant preferable has some basic knowledge of barista duties or baking. Depending on the location, these on-campus venues are generally open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, and mid-morning to evenings Saturday and Sunday.

Quik Cats 

As a member of the Quik Cats team, you may find yourself checking in orders, stocking shelves, making cash register transactions, preparing pizza and more. Quik Cats stores are open daily with morning, afternoon and lat-night shifts available. Shifts will vary based on venue and current staff work schedules.

Apply online or turn in your completed application to any Quik Cats location. If you have questions about these positions, please contact Miguel at 785-532-2287 or 785-532-7153. Apply early! These positions fill up quickly.

Dining Center Jobs

Food Production
  • Assist full-time production staff to prepare meals.
  • Prior knowledge of food production equipment, techniques, and methods are not required, but are preferred.
Customer Service
  • Prepare cafeteria lines and display cooking stations for meal service.
  • Serve menu items to customers.
  • Swipe student meal cards as they enter the dining facility.
  • Prior customer service experience is not required, just a friendly attitude and a willingness to work hard!
  • General custodial and dishroom duties such as removing used service ware from trays, loading the dish machines, and sweeping and mopping.
  • No prior experience is necessary.
  • Check in daily orders.
  • Rotate and stock food products as directed by storekeeper.
  • General storeroom custodial tasks.
  • No prior experience necessary.

Limited positions available.

The Bakery
  • Assist full-time production staff in bakery product production.
  • Friendly attitude and willingness to work hard
  • Prior knowledge of baking and/or cake decorating not required, but preferred

Limited positions available.

Learn more and apply for dining center positions.

Benefits for Student Employees
of our Retail and Dining Operations

  • A safe, friendly and convenient on-campus location.
  • Above minimum-wage pay. Starting salary is $8.50/hour.
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate your classes.
  • Holidays and bowl games off (some exceptions apply).
  • Discounted meals prices for off-campus student employees. 
  • A great place to meet people, make lifelong friends, and develop the teamwork skills that post-college employers seek.
  • Leadership opportunities and great resumé-building experiences.
  • Fun required! You will be part of an award-winning team working side by side with other students in an energetic and fast-paced environment.  

Apply online, or turn in your completed application to a manager at the dining center at which you wish to work.

For answers to specific employment questions, please contact one of the following: