Multicultural Student Lounge

A section of the Multicultural Student Lounge wall mural.

Departmental Diversity Statement

Kansas State University’s Department of Housing and Dining Services is dedicated to creating a culture that welcomes and embraces students from all backgrounds. By constructing meaningful dialogues and educational programming with our on-campus communities, we strive to engage students and staff members in the exploration and celebration of identities that align with — as well as differ from — their own. Through our continued efforts, it is our mission to enable students and staff alike to develop greater cultural competence in order to foster communities of justice and inclusive excellence.

Mission Statement

The Multicultural Student Lounge is a brave space created for students, faculty and staff to have meaningful conversations, stay informed about local and global events, and organically build inclusive communities.

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Contact Us

Contact staff, make a reservation, and inquire about resources and events by emailing Tyrone Carter at .

Tutoring Schedule

Social Justice Alliance

The members of the HDS Social Justice Alliance educate residents about relevant issues in the residence halls through engaging programs and activities. In addition to these, the purpose of this organization is to advocate for diversity and multiculturalism as stated in the Department of Housing and Dining Services’ diversity statement.