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Housing and Dining Services

Faculty/Staff Meal Plans

Meal Plans now available to faculty, staff in addition to all students

Sept. 15, 2016 — K-State Housing and Dining Services announces the addition of discounted faculty/staff meal plans to its existing on-campus and off-campus student plans.

Two options are available: 50 breakfasts or lunches, or 100 anytime meals. The plans are purchased annually, and payment options include departmental invoice and payroll deduction. Purchase also can be made online via credit card, or with cash, check or credit in 104 Pittman Building.

With these plans, there’s no need to leave campus for meals. Plan holders and their guests can eat at either Derby Dining Center or the newly remodeled Kramer Dining Center, which are located on the east and west side of campus, respectively, within walking distance of any campus location.

For pricing and additional details about these meal plans as well as those offered to off-campus students and Jardine Apartments residents, visit the Housing and Dining Services website.