Student leaders reflect on year, receive awards

May 16, 2018 — The National Residence Hall Honorary recognized student leaders in the housing and dining services community on Monday, April 30, at the annual Leadership Reception.

Student leaders from all on-campus living communities gathered in the Alumni Center Ballroom to be recognized for their ongoing efforts to serve the department. Guests enjoyed desserts catered by Derby Dining Center, a performance by the K-State Pep Band and a keynote speech by Mindy Weixelman, director of the K-State Parents and Family Association.

Awards presented included NRHH Member of the Year, Association of Residence Hall General Body Member of the Year, the Eva Ford Scholarship, the Stars College Scholarship, Faculty Member of the Year and more.

“Of the Year” award categories include First-Year Experience, Student, Resident Assistant, Residential Learning Assistant, Advisor, Program, Outstanding Service Member and Community. OTY nominations were written and submitted by other student leaders within the nominee’s community and submitted to NRHH and ARH for review.

'Of the Year' Nominees (winners in bold)

First Year Experience

Brian Hernandez, Strong Community
Kennedy King, Marlatt Hall
Tye Kordonowy, Moore Hall
Sarah Flax, Ford Hall


Tommy Newsom II, Strong Community
Melinda Gilliam, Ford Hall
Kassi Sprecher, Haymaker Hall
Kandace Irvine, Goodnow Hall


David Brown, Haymaker Hall
Corben Tannahill, Strong Community
Cedric Barnes, Goodnow Hall

Residential Learning Assistant

McKenzie Wein, Ford Hall
Josh Woods, Haymaker Hall
Gerald Frayre, Strong Community

Outstanding Service Member

Mary White, Strong Community
Trystan Mies, Haymaker Hall
Jacquii Ayala, Strong Community
Grace Hunter, Ford Hall
Derek Davidson, Strong Community


Locked Putnam, Strong Community
Kramer Wide Ice Skate, Wefald Hall
Fall Festival, Ford Hall
Casino Night, Marlatt Hall
Caroling Caravan, Haymaker Hall

Resident Assistant

Reagan Swank, Ford Hall
Frank Sandoval, Haymaker Hall
Daniel Wilson, Marlatt Hall
Cassandra Nguyen, Smurthwaite
Carolyn Countess, Goodnow Hall
Andrew Marsh, Strong Community


Strong Community
Marlatt Hall
Haymaker Hall
Moore Hall
Wefald Hall
West Hall
Ford Hall

Moore Hall student leaders pose for a photo after receiving the Community of the Year award at the annual Leadership Reception on April 30. 2018.

Moore Hall student leaders pose for a photo after being named the 2018 Community of the Year.

Additional Awards

Faculty Member of the Year

Dr. Maria DePaoli,
Modern Languages

ARH General Body Member
of the Year

Kendra Christman

NRHH Honorary Members

Elisa Wilson
Hannah Konrad
Kassi Sprecher

ARH Bronze Pin Recipients

Carly Rasmussen
Aaron Gallaway
Glen Buickerood
Ryan Kelly

NRHH Member of the Year

Emily Francis

NRHH Bronze Pin Recipient

Breanna Rowe

STARS College Scholarship Recipients

Devin Bratkiv, Moore Hall
Emily Francis, Wefald Hall

Diamond Powercat Award Recipients

Megan Wright, Ford Hall
Kaylie McLaughlin, Marlatt Hall
Amy Howard, Goodnow Hall
Katelyn Lee, Smurthwaite
Kyra Nickel, Haymaker Hall
Brian Hernandez, Strong Community
Khalil Newton, Moore Hall
Antonio Vega, Jardine
Taylor Billings, Jardine
Brooke Oleson, West Hall
Kendra Christman, Honors House
Kimbre Francis, Wefald Hall

Eva Ford Scholarship Recipients

Margo Wottowa
Katelyn Mullen
Victoria Robinson
Alexandra Burnham
Lacey Dell
Diana El-Koubysi

2017-2018 'Of the Month' National Award

Jackson Craven: Jasmine Schick
Student, October 2017

2017-2018 'Of the Month' Regional Awards

Strong Paint Wars: Cody Cumro
Social Program, June 2017

Aubrey Busenitz: Josh Suderman
Student Staff member, August 2017

ALICE in Waterland: Brianna Jackson
Educational Program, August 2017

Charles Moore: Justin Prough
Student, September 2017

So You Think You Can Dance: Mary White & Suvana Badgett
Diversity Program, September 2017

ALICE Active Shooter Training: Jasmine Schick & Landon Becker
Community Service Program, October 2017

Show of Hands: Carleigh Whitman
Diversity Program, October 2017

Wefald Sixth Floor Governing Board: Jasmine Schick
Organization, November 2017

Red, White, and Blue: Let Them Hear from You:
Carleigh Whitman & Adrianna Gordey
Community Service Program, November 2017

Lou Ann Claasen: Landon Becker
Institution Faculty/Staff, November 2017

Melinda Gilliam: Carleigh Pope
Advisor, December 2017

Human Trafficking: A Global Issue: Natalie Wolf
Passive Program, January 2018

Boyd Hall Second Floor: Mary White
Residential Community, February 2018