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2021 National Residence Hall Honorary Awards

National Residence Hall Honorary Leadership Reception Awards

April 23, 2021 — The Little Apple Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary virtually recognized residents of on-campus communities for their outstanding work over the past year Monday, April 19. The ceremony can be viewed on the NRHH website. 

The Department of Housing and Dining Services offers its congratulations to the following:

Association of Residence Halls Bronze Pins: Ashley Von Mosch, West Hall; and Jenna Brehm, Haymaker Hall.

NRHH Member of the Year: Brooke Errington, Marlatt Hall.

NRHH Bronze Pins: Brooke Errington, Marlatt Hall; and Zoe Thompson, Jardine Apartments.

Diamond Powercat Award: Ian Montgomery, Moore Hall; Josh Montgomery, Moore Hall; Kylie Brock, Marlatt Hall; Abigail McKinney, West End Neighborhood of Jardine; Jaden Siegle, Plaza Neighborhood of Jardine; Daniel Dunn, Goodnow Hall; Emme Mount, West Hall; Ana Sanko, Smurthwaite Scholarship and Leadership House; Evelyn Farrell, Ford Hall, Emma Beatty, Boyd Hall; and Jessica Vanstory, Putnam Hall.

Eva Ford Scholarship: Ruby Newsom, Ford Hall.

Advisor Of The Year: Beekah Russell, Strong Community. Also nominated were Jake Ausman, Marlatt Hall; and Maddy Knaack, Moore Hall.

Program Of The Year: Lunar New Year, Smurthwaite Scholarship and Leadership House. Also nominated were Halloween Spooktacular Event, Honors House; Pie in the Face Coin Contest, Marlatt Hall, Assassin Games, Moore Hall; Haunted Lobby, Wefald Hall; and Pumpkin Party, West Hall.

First-Year Experience Award: Ginger Harris, Strong Community. Also nominated were Jeremy Kamman, Honors House. 

Student Of The Year: Erica Biven, Honors House. Also nominated were John Peter Soares, Moore Hall; Hallie Wiechman, Smurthwaite Scholarship and Leadership House; and Logan Peralez, Strong Community.

Community Assistant Of The Year: Brigette King, Strong Community. Also nominated were Audrey Birkenbaugh, Ford Hall; Kaleo Vincent, Moore Hall; and Kelsey Gibbs, Moore Hall.

Resident Assistant Of The Year: John Finnigan, Strong Community. Also nominated were Sarah Spond, Honors House; Ian Nichols, Marlatt Hall; Jacques Harrison, Wefald Hall; Spencer Bosley, West Hall; and Maleah Meyer, Ford Hall.

Outstanding Service Award: Andrew Booze, Honors House; and Evan Hancock, Honors House. Also nominated were Ethan Tatro, Honors House; Morgan Boyer, Strong Community; and Sydney Horton, Strong Community.

Distinguished Service Award: Megan Campbell, Smurthwaite Scholarship and Leadership House.

Community of the Year: Honors House. Also nominated were West Hall, Marlatt Hall, Wefald Hall, Strong Community and Smurthwaite Scholarship and Leadership House.

The Little Apple Chapter of NRHH recognizes the top 1% of students living on campus who have contributed outstanding service and leadership in the residence hall while also excelling at academics. The organization holds regular meetings in addition to special events and community service activities. Applications to join NRHH are available year-round. If you're interested in joining an organization that promotes leadership development, recognition, and service, we encourage you to apply! All applicants must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and have lived on campus for at least one semester.