Network Registration

What is Network Registration and Why is it Required?

All computers connecting to the K-State network within the residence halls and Jardine Apartments must complete network registration before getting full internet access. You must have all current security patches and updates for your operating system. Registration of student computers requires acceptance of the User Agreement and Statement of Policies , and the K-State Technology Usage Policies . For more information about K-State network security, please see Security for Information, Computing and Network Resources .

How to Prepare Your Computer From Home

  1. Ensure your computer is running a valid, licensed operating system. K-State supports Windows 10/11, Mac OS X 10.15 (Mojave) or newer, and Linux.

  2. Install an antivirus software . Multiple antivirus programs tend to interfere with one another, which can lead to performance degradation and system crashes. So it is recommended to only have one installed. Windows Defender is free on Windows and works well.

After Arriving on Campus

The following steps cannot be completed until you arrive on campus. After completing all the previous steps, registration will only take a few minutes after your arrival.

  1. Ensure that your computer is connected to the "KSU Housing" wireless network or the Ethernet connection in your room. Information on how to connect to the “KSU Housing” wireless network can be viewed on the How-Tos page.
  2. Screen-Casting and Streaming Device Registration

Here is a simple guide to registering devices other than your computer. These include devices such as printers, streaming devices and game consoles.


  1. Computers, Phones, and Tablets should always be connected to KSU Housing or KSU Wireless. Devices that are unable to connect to the authenticated wireless may utilize the KSU Guest network.
  2. When registering your personal devices (streaming devices, TVs, printers, etc.) make sure you enable Airgroup if you wish to use wireless printing and/or casting.
  3. Should you need additional network ports in your room, you may check out a hub (which splits one Ethernet port to several) for free from the ResNet Help Desk.