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Housing and Dining Services

Where Should I Live?

More than 5,500 students call the K-State campus home. With nine residence halls, a large apartment community, one leadership/scholarship house for women and a house for honors students to choose from, we've got your housing needs covered. 

Residence Halls

If you're a single, undergraduate student at K-State, we recommend that you live in a residence hall during your first one or two years at the university.

  • Studies have shown that students who live on campus receive better grades and are more likely to finish their degrees.
  • On-campus living provides an ideal environment in which to transition from home to school. Students have direct access to dining service, tutoring programs, on-site laundry facilities, leadership opportunities and more.
  • Living among fellow students provides opportunities to develop lifelong friendships.

If you're interested in Smurthwaite Leadership/Scholarship House or the Honors House, please indicate so as a preference on the residence hall application.

Some residence hall applicants are assigned to housing in our Living Community, which shares many of the residence hall benefits (plus a few of its own).

Residential CAT Communities

Residential CAT Communities provide an added opportunity for first-year students to connect with others who share their academic interests by placing them in the same residence hall. Like our other CAT Communities, about 22 first-year students take a group of classes together, but they live, eat, sleep, study, and socialize near each other as well! Learn more.


Jardine Apartments may be what you're looking for if:

  • You're a single, undergraduate student enrolled in your second year at K-State, or a student transferring from another institution of higher education with at least 30 earned credits.
  • You're a married student, with or without children.
  • You're a single parent with primary custody or regular visitation of children.
  • You're a single, nontraditional student (at least 25 years old).
  • You're a student conducting postdoctoral research.
  • You're a visiting scholar.