Where Should I Live?

More than 5,000 students call the K-State campus home. With nine residence halls, one leadership/scholarship house for women and a large apartment community to choose from, we've got your housing needs covered. 

Residence Halls

If you're a single, undergraduate student at K-State, we recommend that you live in a residence hall during your first one or two years at the university.

  • Studies have shown that students who live on campus receive better grades and are more likely to finish their degrees.
  • On-campus living provides an ideal environment in which to transition from home to school. Students have direct access to dining service, tutoring programs, on-site laundry facilities, leadership opportunities and more.
  • Living among fellow students provides opportunities to develop lifelong friendships.

Some residence hall applicants are assigned to housing in our Living Community, which shares many of the residence hall benefits (plus a few of its own).


Jardine Apartments may be what you're looking for if:

  • You're a single, undergraduate student enrolled in your second year at K-State, or a student transferring from another institution of higher education with at least 30 earned credits.
  • You're a married student, with or without children.
  • You're a single parent with primary custody or regular visitation of children.
  • You're a single, nontraditional student (at least 25 years old).
  • You're a student conducting postdoctoral research.
  • You're a visiting scholar.