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Where will you live next year? Choose Your Experience!

If you're a current resident, now is the time to secure on-campus housing for the 2017-2018 academic year. You have the power to choose your own on-campus living experience.

Not currently living with us? The process to obtain on-campus housing at K-State is outlined on our 
Where Should I Live? page.

What's New
Students who wish to live in one of our residences will have a new option this coming year: the "Hybrid Apartment." This model allows you to live in one of our 4-bedroom Jardine apartments, but to rent by the room as an individual.
  • No need to confirm roommates
  • Meal plan is optional
  • Room is furnished (bed, dresser, desk)
  • Located just steps away from the Rec Center and sports complex

We're also happy to announce that Jardine applicants will be able to select their apartment spaces through the Resident Portal this year. See the doors below for more info on the reservation processes for each living option.

Finally, a new single room option is now available for 2017-2018. We will offer a limited number of our double residence hall rooms as singles. In other words, a "double as single" room is a traditional two-person room for only one person. In order to live in one of these rooms, students must pay an additional fee for the right to guarantee that they will not get a roommate for the academic year. Note that even if you select this option, the policies on guests and visitation are still in place. The additional per-semester cost will be $950 for rooms in Boyd, Goodnow, Haymaker, Marlatt, Moore and Putnam, and $1,050 for rooms in West Hall.

How Do You Choose?

We're proud to be able to offer such a broad range of choices, but we also realize the selection can be overwhelming. That's why we've developed the Explore Your Options worksheet. You can browse and compare, then you'll know exactly what your top choices are when it's your turn to Choose Your Experience. 

View the proposed 2017-2018 residence hall rates. (Rates are subject to Board of Regents approval.)

Undecided between a space in one of the residence halls or Jardine Apartments? 

  1. Complete a fall 2017 application (available now) for a Jardine Apartments space and submit the $30 app fee. Priority application deadline is Feb. 1.
  2. Complete a fall 2017 application (available now) for a residence hall space (no additional app fee required). Priority application deadline is Feb. 15.
  3. Complete the 2017-2018 residence hall contract (available Nov. 1) and submit the $400 contract down payment.
  4. From Feb. 14 to 17, at your designated apartment selection time, browse the Choose Your Experience Portal for available apartments and select one if interested. If you then choose to complete the Jardine Agreement, your $400 residence hall contract down payment can be applied as your Jardine deposit.
  5. At your designated residence hall selection time, browse the Choose Your Experience Portal for available residence hall spaces. If you decide on a residence hall space instead of an apartment, select the space and contact Housing and Dining Services to inform them of your decision. 

Call Housing and Dining Services at 785-532-6453 with questions.

Get Started 

Where do you want to live next year?

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