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Housing and Dining Services

Residence Hall Rates 

Residence Hall, Smurthwaite and Honors House Rates

Our Explore Your Options worksheet allows you to view all the housing options available to you, add a meal plan and determine the rate for your preferred living experience.* You can then select up to two additional options and compare them side by side. 

View 2021-2022 rates schedule (PDF) 


We recommend that you identify your top three choices. When you receive notification that you're able to select your space, you'll be ready to enter the Resident Portal and make it official.


*All rates are subject to Board of Regents approval. 

University Break Housing

Housing during the university break periods (Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks), is available in Marlatt and Moore halls. Additional charges for break housing apply. 

Fall Break  $175 
Winter Break 1  $300 
Winter Break 2  $500 

Meal service is not available in the dining centers during break periods except for limited meal service during winter break session 2.

You may cancel or add any of the three break period options prior to the Monday before the break begins to be charged or credited the amount for that break period. To cancel or add a break period, please email Housing and Dining Services from your K-State email account at housing@k-state.edu. Adjustments to your account may take up to two weeks to appear in your KSIS account.

Summer School Housing

We do accommodate students enrolled for K-State credit during the summer. Rates will vary depending on the length of stay and meal plan taken. Please contact us at 785-532-6453 or housing@k-state.edu for more information.


2020-2021 Residence Hall, Living Community, Smurthwaite and Honors House Rates Schedule (PDF)