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Dining Dollars

Housing and Dining Services and the K-State Student Union are excited to introduce Dining Dollars, a new dining option for students, beginning fall 2021. Dining Dollars, an optional add-on to on-campus residents' Any 14 or All Access meal plan, will add additional flexibility to your on-campus dining experience. Dining Dollars can also be purchased by off-campus students with or without an off-campus meal plan.

Dining Dollars will be accepted in all Housing and Dining Services' retail locations and participating campus retail locations including:

Housing and Dining Locations
K-State Student Union Locations
Other Campus Locations

Students with Dining Dollars will receive monthly perks at participating locations. Dining Dollars are conveniently billed to your University KSIS account and accessible on your K-State ID card. Details about this dining opportunity are still being decided on and will be added here once finalized.

Purchase Dining Dollars